Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 7th 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 7th 2021

Monday June 7, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The Moon and Uranus meet in Taurus.

What’s in Store: Emotional security vs. worldly revolution. One wants things to stay the same. The other tells us change is inevitable.

Use this Energy: What is built to last may get shaken up, but it won’t collapse. Look at what you’ve built in your life that provides your emotional foundation and adds to your physical wellbeing. Evolve this into something even better.

Avoid: Hanging on to anything that has been completely and finally lived out. Including those ideas.

Tuesday June 8, 2021

Your Main Vibe: There’s no place like home as the Moon’s final stay in Taurus aligns it to Mars in its ruling sign of Cancer.

What’s in Store: Whether we like to think about it or not, we are emotional/soul beings in a material world. Today’s alignment pushes us to go after what we need for our physical security.

Use this Energy: To budget, to go after what you want or explore new avenues that add to that sense of security with an emphasis on the material and financial kinds. Take care of what you have and it will take care of you.

Avoid: ‘I don’t care too much for money’ thinking. The guys who wrote those lyrics had plenty. Just sayin’.

Wednesday June 9, 2021

Your Main Vibe: What is telling you its time has come? The Moon’s angle to Saturn today asks if it is time to change our perspective.

What’s in Store: New ideas take hold. Resistance and closed-minded thinking can be replaced by tolerance and openness. Ideas have their own momentum.

Use this Energy: To see that even the smallest shift in our thinking can change our worlds. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Unless you try, you’ll never discover if an alternative is possible.

Avoid: Thinking things can’t be improved. Progress in any area begins with someone asking whether there’s a better way of doing things.

Thursday June 10, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Today’s new Moon in Gemini is pre-packaged in an eclipse enigma.

What’s in Store: Ideas or what we hear are not what they seem. There’s a hidden element behind that message. But we may just get a glimpse of the truth behind it.

Use this Energy: Eclipses always conceal. See this has Mercury retro on steroids. As well as the chance of snafus, it’s like trying to complete a jigsaw with pieces from two different puzzles and then finding two are missing.

Avoid: Being pressure to make a decision on the spot, taking everything you hear on face value.

Friday June 11, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Fiery Mars ignites our passions as it appears in radiant Leo. Ready to roar?

What’s in Store: This is no shrinking violet transit. Mars is Leo is all about being extra when it comes to getting noticed.

Use this Energy: Without a passion, we find our lives don’t make sense and come to that, we may not make sense of our world. Mars propels us out, pushes us forward and reminds us a half-life is nothing to settle for.

Avoid: Caring about others will think if you express what is in your heart.

Saturday June 12, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Ceres in Taurus sets some new terms with Saturn in Aquarius.

What’s in Store: Money, resources and deals may be on the table and up for redistribution. Taxing the rich to pay more to care for the environment? That could be part of the Ceres New Deal.

Use this Energy: It’s a great day to get a handle on what you have – and where it goes. How about a joy budget while you are looking at those bills? Ceres says there has to be balance. What’s costing you the earth in personal terms, may be reassessed.

Avoid: This isn’t about not spending. It is about spending on what adds value rather than just ‘stuff’ you have been made to think you need. That way you could just end up buying happiness instead.

Sunday June 13, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The Sun fully exposed now in Gemini squares Neptune, keeper of secrets in Pisces.

What’s in Store: Just what was covered up by that eclipse earlier in the week could be exposed or literally ‘washed up’.

Use this Energy: Talking honestly with someone dispels any confusion. If something has been on your mind, time to dig deeper and get to the bottom of it.

Avoid: Don’t shy away from a ‘difficult’ conversation. Or continue to tell yourself things are fine when deep down you know, they aren’t.


June 7 2021 Moon Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (Taurus)

Jun 8 2021 Moon in Taurus Sextile Mars in Cancer (Taurus to Cancer)

Jun 9 2021 Moon in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius (Gemini to Aquarius)

Jun 10 2021 New Moon in Gemini – Annular Solar Eclipse (Gemini)

Jun 11 2021 Ceres and Uranus Conjunct in Taurus (Taurus)

Jun 11 2021 Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury in Gemini (Gemini)

Jun 11 2021 Mars Enters Leo (Leo)

Jun 12 2021 Ceres in Taurus Square Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius (Taurus to Aquarius)

Jun 13 2021 Sun in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces (Gemini to Pisces)