Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 14th 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 14th 2021

Monday June 14, 2021

Your Main Vibe: A tight aspect between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius is about the clash of old ideas and new.

What’s in Store: Saturn represents the establishment, the system, the people at the top. But it’s in Uranus’s ruling sign of Aquarius. This is about people power, sharing and ideas that turn what is accepted on their head. Expect upheavals and radical new ideas and systems to replace old ones.

Use this Energy: Innovate and be as flexible as you can. Don’t get too attached to plans. They may change without warning. A new and better way of tackling an old task could present itself.

Avoid: Imagining things will return to the way they were.

Tuesday June 15, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Impatient Mars wants action while Jupiter in Pisces is all about contemplating the meaning of life.

What’s in Store: Rush and you could miss the sheer beauty and magic that surrounds us today.

Use this Energy: Mars in Leo wants to get that party started, but Jupiter in Pisces wants us to slow down. We may miss anything from an opportunity to a synchronicity or sign that’s waiting for us.

Avoid: Not being fully present in the moment.

Wednesday June 16, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The Moon in Virgo opposes Jupiter today. It’s a testing lab for our dreams.

What’s in Store: Insight, inspiration, imagination. Fantasy, higher goals and purposes.

Use this Energy: This Moon links us to the practical steps we have to take to make a dream come true. It asks whether we want to keep dreaming – or live it or have it for real. And if so, then what to do next.

Avoid: Feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do. One step at a time is all you need to take.

Thursday June 17, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The Moon remains in Virgo and along with Uranus, hands us all a fresh batch of ideas.

What’s in Store: Fabulous new ways of working, busting a move out of that rut and radical wellbeing.

Use this Energy: The Moon in Virgo keeps us focussed on the whole wellbeing package. Mind as in the ability to have a dream and today that day job, those habits or that rut we may have fallen into. Innovate and shake up that mind/body/spirit connection.

Avoid: Not doing anything.

Friday June 18, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Before the Moon leaves Virgo it trines Pluto in Capricorn. Do those ideas have a touch of alchemy about them?

What’s in Store: The past few days should have allowed you to see whether those ideas have merits. Now, put them into action and find out.

Use this Energy: A good day to present new ideas to people in positions of influence or authority. You’ll have the facts to back you up. On a smaller scale, your daily life becomes a grand experiment in wellbeing as small but significant adjustments transform how you feel. Beyond recognition in some cases.

Avoid: Lacking the courage to try.

Saturday June 19, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The Moon in Libra squares Venus in Cancer. This is no ordinary square. Both planets are in each other’s ruling signs.

What’s in Store: This is called ‘mutual reception’. The Moon and Venus are both on the same page.

Use this Energy: To find nurturing, balance and the place you love to call home. People are likely to be supportive today. An excellent time for agreements, doing anything to your home or spending time with loved ones. Share your feelings.

Avoid: Closing down or shutting yourself away.

Sunday June 20, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Jupiter heads backwards in Pisces.

What’s in Store: Jupiter’s visit to its ruling sign of Pisces is short this time around. But don’t worry – it will be back! For now, it heads back towards Aquarius.

Use this Energy: Explore your belief systems and anything from spirituality to religion and the multiverse. Jupiter in Pisces is all about a journey of the imagination and spirit. This is your pause for reflection and integration before the next stage.

Avoid: Thinking ‘Is that it?’. Jupiter has only just got started!


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