Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 5th 2021

new moon in ancer

Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 5th 2021

Monday July 5 2021

Your Main Vibe: Home matters as the Sun in Cancer shines on Uranus in Taurus.

What’s in Store: Family values and simply what’s not for sale. This includes not just our physical home and what gives us a sense of belonging and security – but also our larger home, our planet.

Use this Energy: To focus on what really matters to you. And what isn’t for sale at any price.

Avoid: Letting ‘stuff’ and what you have define your personal worth.

Tuesday July 6 2021

Your Main Vibe: Out of the shadows and into the light! Mercury leaves the darkness in its ruling sign of Gemini.

What’s in Store: No more snafus. Green lights replace amber when it comes to ideas, getting around and especially the internet.

Use this Energy: Ready to launch? Plans and projects get a green light from the universe. The time for revising is over.

Avoid: Talking but not acting.

Wednesday July 7 2021

Your Main Vibe: Venus in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius while trineing Chiron in Aries.

What’s in Store: A day where we can bring our personal goals and desires into alignment with those of the collective.

Use this Energy: What you have to offer is more important than you realise. Recognition and rewards could follow to those who follow their true calling.

Avoid: Repressing your talents and abilities for fear of what others might think.

Thursday July 8 2021

Your Main Vibe: Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Venus’s ruling sign of Taurus.

What’s in Store: A reminder that the child within us should be indulged every now and then.

Use this Energy: Play is every bit as important as work. And if you’re not willing to spend money on play occasionally, then what are you working for?

Avoid: Worrying that people will think you childish if you follow your impulse. Especially if this involves something you enjoy doing.

Friday July 9 2021

Your Main Vibe: Something new is waiting to emerge. But it’s hidden in the dark Moon in the Moon’s ruling sign of Cancer.

What’s in Store: Anticipation! We may get a ‘gut’ feeling that something is about to begin. But be unsure what this is.

Use this Energy: To plan, to tune in, to intuit. Time spent unplugged, meditating or simply listening to our inner voice, prepares us to step into fresh possibilities.

Avoid: Ignoring what your intuition is telling you to do.

Saturday July 10 2021

Your Main Vibe: Pearls live in shells. Time to show your inner radiance as the new Moon appears in Cancer.

What’s in Store: The world’s your oyster. So be a jeweller and design a setting for yourself.

Use this Energy: Take a step towards what enhances your life. Especially when it comes to home, living arrangements, family, emotional and financial support.

Avoid: Setting a goal you are not fully invested in but believe will impress others or looks good on paper.

Sunday July 11 2021

Your Main Vibe: Mercury gets touchy-feely as it lands in sensitive, nurturing Cancer.

What’s in Store: Being able to ask for what we need.

Use this Energy: To start conversations with those closest to you about what really makes you tick.

Avoid: Giving superficial answers such as ‘fine’ or ‘nothing’. When that’s not how you feel.

Jul 5 2021 Sun in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus (Cancer to Taurus)

Jul 6 2021 Mercury Retroshadow Ends in Gemini (Gemini)

Jul 7 2021 Venus in Leo Opposition Saturn in Aquarius (Leo to Aquarius)

Jul 7 2021 Venus in Leo Trine Chiron in Aries (Leo to Aries)

Jul 8 2021 Venus in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus (Leo to Taurus)

Jul 9 2021 Dark Waning Moon in Cancer (Cancer)

Jul 10 2021 New Moon in Cancer (Cancer)

Jul 11 2021 Mercury Enters Cancer (Cancer)