Your Astro Ritual for July: Clear the Space for What You Want!

Your Astro Ritual for July: Clear the Space for What You Want!

July’s going to be a busy month for all of us. We’re going to be open and ready for something new. And willing to take steps to get it. But first, let’s look at what might get in the way of that happening.

Astrology can’t promise we’re all going to be free of lockdown blues or Covid-related restrictions. But it can offer us an opportunity to heal the wounds that isolation, enforced change, loneliness and restriction have inflicted. And July is going to hand us some stunning planetary energy under which to do this. And believe me, you’ll be glad you did as there is so much on offer for us now.

Make a Date and Clear Your Space

The new Moon in Cancer on July 10 is one of the most important of the year for setting our intentions or reaffirming them. In nurturing Cancer it is also perfect for a healing ritual to discard past hurts, heal wounds and offer up forgiveness. Because unless we take the time for self-care and healing, we are not in a position to embrace the new when it (or that person!) turns up.

So, if you can, take some time out on this day to unplug yourself for a few hours or intensive ‘me’ time. It’s important to spend time alone in refection if you can. You don’t necessarily have to be home either. You can choose to go for a walk or spend time outdoors. All that is important is that you feel at peace and at one in that place or space. And you won’t be disturbed.

If you are at home, feel free to add anything to enhance your ritual. Flowers, scented candles, music. You can wear a favourite outfit that makes you feel special, magnetic, alive and at your best. This is your time and your process and it’s important to design it in a way that is nurturing and healing for you. Others may prefer the outdoors and being in nature. You also don’t have to wait for the evening and moonrise. This ritual can be done at any time on the day of the new Moon that suits your schedule.

As Cancer is a water sign, some of you may prefer to run a bath, walk by water or even go for a swim. Again, do what works for you and feels cleansing and supportive for you and your emotional state.

When you are ready, begin to go through in your mind any hurts, wounds, disappointments or losses that continue to cause you pain. The object here isn’t to wallow or get bogged down in regret or even self-recrimination. It is merely to give yourself full permission to feel whatever it is you are feeling. Some of you may just run through this in your mind. Others may prefer to write it all down in their journal. Again, whatever works for you.

Take as much time on this stage as you need. But when you are finished, now take this one step further. Look at the anger, resentment and regret you may also still be carrying around. This new Moon is asking you release this as it is getting in the way of joy, happiness and love to come flooding in. If this involves a particular person, please understand you are not being asked to forgive them if you feel you are unable to. All that you have to do is state your intention that the memories will no longer cause you any pain nor have any power over you.

You do not have to write any of this down. This is about a deep release and sometimes writing this down can have the opposite effect. Forgiveness is optional but if you do manage it, you will feel that extra special level of lightness afterwards.

This ritual is finished when you feel cleansed and at peace with yourself. And no matter what you decided during it, you WILL feel as if you have dropped a heavy load afterwards.

Why do this now?

So, aside from the part of this new Moon being ultra-important for intention setting, why am I asking you to do this now? That is because just days later on July 13, we have a conjunction between Venus and Mars in Leo.

So, we have Venus planet of love and attraction conjunct Mars of fiery passion and purpose at 19 degrees of Leo (check your chart now for anything at 19 degrees of any sign!). Together they are in unison and harmony. Venus is all about what we love and what we want. Mars is about what we do to make our desires happen. In Leo this is about show-stopping moves but having fun doing them. This is 5th house stuff and where we get to experience pleasure, romance and shine.

Now, we can’t do that if we are instead dulled by pain, loss, hurts and disappointments. So, this is why self-healing under this Cancer new Moon takes on a fresh significance for us. By doing this ritual we clear a space in our lives, minds and souls for the new to come flooding in. We come home to healing. Right where we find ourselves is where the healing begins this July.