Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces: Be a Cosmic Tourist for the Summer of Love!

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Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces: Be a Cosmic Tourist for the Summer of Love!

By our astrologer Elena

July 22 sees Venus enter Virgo. And as it does it will oppose Jupiter (retrograde) in Pisces. Is this a return to the old 60’s style summer of love? Or something else entirely? This transit promises cosmic tourism to dreams and possibilities for all of us. But like any tourist – we need a guidebook to avoid those tourist traps!

We’ve all been feeling the high-tensile tautness of the fixed sign energy of late. We’ve had Uranus waking up the neighbours and disrupting the status-quo Taureans so love and need to maintain that equanimity. But at the same time, we’ve been refining our values and defining what really matters. The Sun, Venus and Mars in Leo pushing us to reclaim lost fabulosity, and Saturn in Aquarius imposing wide-ranging restrictions and making us work with what we have. This may have triggered a desire for escapism. For tune-out tourism and to drop-out of reality for a while.

Now with Venus in Virgo making an opposition to Jupiter in equally mutable Pisces, we have a change in the weather from fixed, restrictive energy to ever changing, unchained and ignites the desire for something new and different mutuality. It says ‘To hell with the day job and ditch the dull!’. But what we need to understand is it also tells us: Everything in moderation.

Venus in Virgo can have even the most dedicated gym junkie couch surfing and reaching for the Pringles. Jupiter in its ancient ruling sign of Pisces basically offers us a ticket away from our everyday reality. Think holidays, fantasy, escapism in all its forms be it a real trip or any means of achieving that from that boxset to that substance, boundary breaking, cosmic experiences and new worlds to explore.

Turn on, tune in, connect

Needless to say, if you are lucky enough to be going on holiday at this time, this transit really does promise you summer of love type pleasure and good times. Even if you not traveling far, it may seem like you have stepped out into a magical place that exists outside your everyday world. Or is not what you would expect to find in your own country. Even if you return somewhere familiar, it may take on a dreamy, charmed cast.

This opposition at its best allows us to check out for a while and explore our imagination, dreams and possibilities. If you work in a creative, light work or healing field it can bring you incredible inspiration and insights that appear channeled from an outside source. Out of this world experiences can occur. Your psychic or mediumship abilities make themselves known or are amplified. You can reconnect to those dreams you discarded and understand the purpose they serve in your life. You have your dreams for a reason. And that reason may be just pursuing them as in doing so, you can give birth to a new and better dream.

This hands us a summer of self-love and realignment. The fact is, we all need to unplug and kick back once in a while. To check out from reality and routine. And that’s a healthy choice. But like I said – all things in moderation.

Jupiter in Pisces dissolves all boundaries if we are not careful. Jupiter is always about too much is never enough. Venus in Virgo can simply tip us into indulgence and let everything from that To Do list to that diet, slide. We may crave escapism from reality so much we ignore it totally. It doesn’t apply to us as we are off in our own version of the Land of the Lotus Eaters. We tell ourselves we’ll check back into reality tomorrow. Except we don’t. Or when we do, we find a big mess to clear up.

This is also one of those alignments where if you have been dreaming about turning a passion into a profession, if you channel your desire and take action on your dreams, you have a real chance at making this a reality.

So, by all means pursue pleasure but not at the expense of what still needs to be done. If restrictions are lifting where you are, by all means embrace them – but cautiously and take a protective and pro-active approach to your health and the health of others. Get a ticket to visit the summer of love this transit promises – but tour it in a way that keeps you safe when you land back in your everyday life. That’s cosmic tourism Venus and Jupiter style!