Venus and Neptune August 2021 – Draw Down a New Sense of Deservedness

Venus and Neptune August 2021 – Draw Down a New Sense of Deservedness

Go deeper this August when it comes to self-love and what you feel you truly deserve. The Venus/Neptune opposition on August 10, 2021 is one of the most important transits of the year for all of us when it comes to self-love and healing. Especially when it comes to those two important and interlinked areas – love and money.

No more short-change

Venus will be in practical yet sensual Virgo. Not just the sign of work and those daily details but also the sign that rules our health and wellbeing. This incudes our mental health as well as our physical. And the health of all areas of our lives including our bank account (which Venus rules) and of course, our love life.

Neptune is in its ruling sign of Pisces. The sign of compassion, soul and spirit, mysteries and what we cannot see but which exists nonetheless. Neptune is associated with intuition but also escapism, lack of boundaries (think ‘drifting’), addiction and depression. Also not seeing things as they really are but how we’d like them to be. Illusion and delusion. Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac and rules not just our past but where we are going next. It contains magic and mysteries and if we are able to harness its energy correctly – an immense capacity for healing the wounds of the past that hold us back from getting what we want. And this opposition can see us doing just that.

Two days before Venus and Neptune align, we have a new Moon in show-stopping Leo. This is about romance, love, glamour, glitter and creative self-expression. So, we may all be already looking at these themes of love, luxury and glamour. And whether or not we have them or feel we can attract them – or not.

Look back at your past and the messages you received growing up or even later into adulthood. Were you made to feel you were not ‘good enough’? That something about you wasn’t loveable or you needed to become someone you deep down felt you weren’t in order to ‘fit in’ or be loved? Time to probe the depths of the past and see where this might have occurred.

Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces allows us to now make an accounting of how this has played out in our lives. It cuts through the patterns or behaviours we may not have been able to see and lets us examine the facts. In other words – where we have short-changed ourselves through the choices we make from wounds we may not be aware of. Here’s just a few examples of how this can play out:

• You have been made to feel you are not loveable so you ‘settle’ for anyone who shows you affection, regardless of whether they are right for you or not

• You spend your time people pleasing because you fear if you were to put yourself first, you will lose the person. But end up feeling unhappy and used

• You don’t feel loveable the way you are so you compensate by giving yourself high-ticket items – designer clothing and accessories for instance, telling yourself you’re ‘worth it’. But are left feeling empty again when the initial high fades. Getting into debt, beating yourself up over this or even ending up not liking what you bought are common side effects

• You put partners on a pedestal and are left hurt and disappointed when they tumble off it with a cosmic crash

• You have a history of trying to ‘rescue’ people. You fall for sob stories only to get taken advantage of – especially in love

• You suffer from FOMO in both love and money matters. You rush in and make snap decisions and end up disillusioned

If any of the above sound familiar – send yourself self-love. None of this is your fault! All are symptoms of deep soul wounds inflicted in your past. The good news thanks to this Venus/Neptune opposition is that you can now see them for what they are – and take the necessary steps to heal them.

Get Ready to Replace Need with Deservedness

So, what’s your process to undertake your healing journey? You’ve made the first step if you now see the pattern and have embraced the idea none of this makes you less loveable. Now its time for release. Venus always wants us to experience the good things of life. Neptune hands us inspiration. Both are in signs associated with wellbeing and healing – on all levels. So think mind, body and spirit. Here’s some simple but effective steps you can take under this transit:

• Focus on self-love and if you are single, put your search on hold for now. Understand true self love comes from taking care of every element of your life. And that sometimes this may mean saying ‘No’ to yourself. Getting into debt over things you don’t need, not eating properly or paying attention to what you body needs, living with clutter, doing nothing about that job you really don’t like – none of this says self-worth. Take care of you and make yourself a priority. The rest will follow.

• Take your time over big decisions. And in getting to know that potential partner. FOMO often springs from neediness which again, is linked to a self-worth wound. In money matters, check the facts, do the numbers and read the small print. If someone values you and is serious, they will be willing for the relationship to unfold at your pace.

• Indulgence IS good for the soul. But you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Showering yourself with the finer things of life can be as simple as a new set of bedding and a scented candle, prioritising time for the things you love to do such as exercise, hobbies and interests or even buying better quality, delicious food and preparing that. Look to how you can make everyday things special for yourself

• Set your standards. In other words, what you will and won’t put up with and don’t be afraid to put in boundaries. Be confident enough to know that if someone really does care for you, all that happens is that they respect you more. If someone doesn’t respect that, the connection probably isn’t good for you anyway. So, don’t be afraid to tell that lover who constantly breaks those dates you’re no longer up for their excuses. Or tell that friend or family member who only contacts you when something is wrong, that you’re busy and the answer is no.

Venus and Neptune aligned tell you boundaries are you key to long term healing. Step into whole-hearted wellbeing in both love and money this August. Yes, you DO deserve more. But there’s more ways to get this than you may have previously believed possible. And what has stopped you from getting may not have been obvious – until now. No more feeling short-changed.