Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 29th 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 29th 2021

Have a back up plan

The truth could be hidden in plain sight

Sudden changes catch you by surprise

Travel, borders, the supply chain, airlines, academia, the law, large animals, mass media, mass transit, sports, religion, philosophy, far away places and the great outdoors – all come under the rulership of Sagittarius.

Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet is the largest planet in our solar system. We therefore associate it and also Sagittarius with size. It ‘bigs’ stuff up. Often people who are born under the sign of the Archer appear somehow larger than life. They don’t do things by half measures.

Bear all this in mind this week, especially that tendency to supersize things. We all know eclipses cover-up. Total eclipses – we are utterly in the dark over something. A total eclipse in Sagittarius which occurs at the time of the new Supermoon in here? The cover up is massive. Epic. Huge.

So, this being said, treat this eclipse as if it is Mercury retrograde on steroids especially if you are travelling. We are in mutable weather again due to Neptune heading direct in Pisces on December 1 and Vesta is also in Sagittarius. Anything from weather – especially storms, sudden border closures and Covid-19 could change or disrupt travel plans, shipping and the supply chain.

The Truth IS Out There

Headlines may also change rapidly and situations shift quickly. It’s important to keep an open mind now. If you normally get your news from just one source, you may find it useful to go to several now. And also check how the rest of the world may be reporting events.

Yes, the truth IS out there. This week we can only hold on to our own truths and the facts in the moment. It’s a fast changing situation. This week says there’s a bigger picture yet to be exposed. Watch and wait. And have a back-up plan.

In a nutshell: This week’s total eclipse in Sagittarius indicates a big cover up. Nothing may be as it appears. The truth is out there however. To navigate the shadows – hold on to your own inner truth. It’s your map and your compass this week.

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