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Your New Moon in Aries Moonscope April 1 2022

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The ‘best face forward’ confident Ram ruled by fiery Mars. This month is all about our face, appearance, style, brand, look, personal message, title and how we work this. Mars takes action. It’s cosmic Marmite. It doesn’t care if you love it or hate it. There’s no middle ground just brazen fierceness that makes no apologies for who or what it is. Many of us whether we have Aries factors in our charts or not, will be looking at how we come across to others. And making changes that align with who we feel we are or need to become. Mars doesn’t need anyone’s approval. Neither do we. When it comes to initiating anything from bold moves to image upgrades, none of us should need anyone’s permission now. Turn up the heat this April and rock out that appearance no matter your sign.


We have ignition, Aries. This is no longer your countdown – that was last month. This is your launch. Light a fire and blaze a trail now. You’re a comet streaking across the heavens towards that future goal. Above all – do not be your old self. It’s all about you or the new, fierce and reborn you. Adjust that image accordingly. There’s nothing shy about you and your superpower comes from that ‘What you see is what you get’ message you project. No filters or apologies needed. Funny as who is or will become important to you over the coming months, is so vibing off that. Big up that image or brand message now. 

You are entering one of your most important cycles for self-promotion or personal attainment you have experienced in 12 years. Your face is your fortune and so is what you project or put out there. Anyone who tells you that the world doesn’t revolve around you just has it so wrong for the next few months, Aries. A little self-upgrade takes you a long way.


Who do you think you are or are becoming, Taurus? The new Moon in your 12th tells you its time to be who you feel you can be. Not at some far distant point but to embrace or evolve into them right now. How do you see yourself when you see yourself in the future? How do you emerge from the chrysalis of your dreams and unfurl yourself in this form today? No waiting involved. If there is a disconnect happening between how you feel within and how you look, time to bring the outer and inner you back into cohesion. 

Infuse yourself with self-love and acceptance when it comes to those parts of your soul you have been told may be unlovable. Time to feel beautiful again. If someone’s outer persona doesn’t fit with their inner one, you should be prepared for an expose which sets the record straight. Revelations are everything under this new Moon. Reveal the real you, Taurus.


Look to what you have outgrown and what still fits, Gemini. How do you fit in with your friends, groups or social circle. Or have you become a wandering star in search of a new one to orbit? As far as those goals go – are they still aligned to who you are? Or have you outgrown these too? How you are seen and perceived by the world at large. Autonomy and individuality vs. the collective and fitting in fuse and the result? Out you pop rocking your own unique vibe.

Goals around income, money and finances get a boost from this new Moon. Embrace invention and innovation when it comes to how you can generate more cash. When you do, don’t just spend it. Use it to pay off outstanding debts or reinvest. Your take out will be far more satisfying than just clicking and collecting more ‘stuff’. And last longer too. This new Moon leads you to embracing deferred gratification and to explore just how deep those inroads towards a goal can be driven when you simply add the focus of emotional intention. But the best things like friends, are free, Gemini.


Focus on what you want to achieve and stretch yourself out into a fresh challenge as April begins, Cancer. The new Moon in your 10th is all about your public ‘face’ and professional reputation. So, let those cuddly Cancerian themes of home, family and cocooning go just for now and explore just what success looks like for you in ‘22. 

Take it your stock is on the rise. This new Moon can bring you rewards for going the distance – recognition, a pay rise or other rewards. You and your boo could take the next big step in making your relationship ‘official’. And when it comes to officials or those in positions of authority – you are being eyed up as suitable to join their ranks or else someone in a position of influence gives you a green light or boosts you up that ladder. If you need to adjust the course you are on – this is your moment. You can literally change lanes into a new and more satisfying success strategy if you have come to realise the one you are on simply isn’t for you. Just remember – if you control your energy and emotional direction – you control your world. Become the CEO of You.Inc this month.


Lion on fire! Baby, the new Moon in your 9th says you are born to rule. At least one part of your world. Head high and heart aglow, this is your month for luck, progress, optimism and adventure. Travel may feature for many of you. Or at the very least exploring something wilder, wider and new.

Be bold and take that first step on a larger journey now. Your 9th rules learning as well as philosophy, religion, beliefs, the law, the mass media, mass transportation – planes, trains, shipping as opposed to your car, the outdoors, foreign connections, sports and large animals. Big playful golden glowing cats like you, horses etc. That lover would be slightly larger than life itself now. And lead you into exploring new horizons of pleasure. Lucky breaks feature. Be aware that you need to ‘big’ up your image in some way this month. Simply be an even bolder, fiercer and more glorious version of you. On line and in the real world. And expect entrée into a bigger one as the world sits up and takes notice.


The new Moon in your 8th is your catalyst to personal alchemy. And also bringing sexy back if it left the building during the past few months, Virgo! Expect the world to mirror any inner shifts you make. If you’ve felt trapped by your fears – real or imagined, you now see them for what they are. You are also freed from worrying about what others may think or dwelling too much on negative outcomes. 

This new Moon has you embracing the full force of your empowerment. And directing this to make those much needed and necessary changes. Tapping into hidden resources within, being given access to increased material resources and stepping over the threshold into something more satisfying – from the bedroom to the boardroom, could feature. You also won’t hesitate to express those hidden desires now. Repression just doesn’t sit with your need to find an outlet for that passion, Virgo. Change is the force you play with to bring about a much needed renewal. Sitting with the so-so won’t do it for you any more. Others gravitate to that intense magnetic field you radiate. Be careful who or what you wish for now. Chances are you’ll get it. Become the force for change and don’t resist, Virgo!


No more fun and games when it comes to love, Libra. Yes, you love the sparkle and the flirtation. And you may have been content to go along with this for the past month or so. But now you want to know if there is anything real behind this. The new Moon in your 7th begins a brand new cycle of relating and throws partnerships of all descriptions into the spotlight. Singles could attract that serious contender. Settleds kick start a fresh cycle together. But if that potential boo has yet to close escrow, you will now demand they state their intentions. Or you’ll move on to find the one whose intentions are serious.

That serious love interest could be found in a work connected social environment rather than that app if you’re looking. If you have been guilty of people-pleasing in order to keep the peace or because you feel you have to in order to get the love you want, the good news is this new Moon releases you from the need to do this. And sets you free to find that unconditional love which accepts you for who you are. In fact, love for you is being you now. So, begin anew and don’t settle for anything less, Libra.


Do you lie like a lounge room lizard? Or do you sing like a bird released? The new Moon in your 6th of work, wellbeing, weather, habits and atmospheres perfectly sums up the lyrics to Crowded House’s ‘Weather With You’. Hum along as you make changes to that routine, Scorpio. 

What’s the forecast for your wellbeing weather report? New and energising work opportunities and schedules. Juicing up that routine. Cooking something fresh up in that kitchen, changing up your space – especially if you now work from home, looking to your exercise and sleep patterns and blue sky escapes from boxset hermitage. Even the smallest changes you make now will have a beneficial effect on your energy levels and how much you get done with your day. If necessary – declutter and un-crowd your house. Get yourself some expert advice if necessary. Either on line with the Home Edit if you need organization tips or will an app to more effectively schedule your time. Or consult that doctor, trainer, coach, therapist, alternative practitioner. It’s about everyday and every way upgrades. The small stuff adds up to big differences now.


Showcase those talents, gifts and what makes you stand out from the crowd now, Sag. Please don’t come up with the excuse you don’t have them. Because you do. But if you are deluding yourself you’re nothing special the good news about the new Moon in your 5th is that it will show you just how wrong you are.

This is your new Moon of attention and attraction. All rolled into one silver sliver of potential. This is the beginning of your annual romance cycle so if you are single and seeking, this is no time to be shy. Get swiping instead or simply indulge in activities you love and you’ll attract effortlessly while you have fun! Your 5th is linked to children, babies, parenting and young people and relationships that can make you a parent or step-parent. It’s a new Moon conception and this extends to ‘conceiving’ a creative project or opportunity. The seeds you plant under this new Moon can grow and blossom and bear fruit once your ruler Jupiter arrives in here in May. Travel that favourite Sag activity is back on the agenda as this is your house of holidays. Time to take a chance and ask yourself what have you got to loose? Go on, Sag. Get yourself noticed!


Pay close attention to your nearest and dearest, Capricorn. Your spidey senses are tingling under the new Moon in its ruling 4th. This isn’t just about meeting your emotional needs but anticipating what’s going on with those around you – family members and those you live with. If your ‘gut’ is telling you something’s going on, look deeper.

Home, real estate and moving matters could feature. As could making choices which add to your sense of security in the long term. Sending those roots deeper or feeling able at last to express what it is you want in a direct manner sees you feeling so much more settled and supported. This new Moon has the ability to send you down a new and so much more bountiful and satisfying pathway. Not just on the home front but in the outer world too. If you’ve been living under someone else’s shadow or afraid to spread your wings in case you crash and burn, you now have the confidence to go it alone. Take the training wheels off the bike of your life, Capricorn. The universe has your back.


Love or like at first sight? Slow down under the new Moon in your 3rd, Aquarius. The same goes for exploring that idea or opportunity. Ask the right questions and sift through those answers. If you are planning on applying for a new job or launching that idea, research and due diligence first rather than flying by the seat of those cute pants, ensures success.

Siblings, cousins or your neighbours could have a role to play in the upcoming month. As could discovering treasure or opportunities around your neighbourhood or what’s familiar. If you are travelling back to somewhere you have been before now, you’ll see if from a fresh perspective. Your superpower under this new Moon is your ability to visualise and conjure up ideas that are infused to detail and appear concrete and real. It won’t take much follow through to manifest them if you create a plan and follow through on it. The realm of ideas is your playground and your treasure hunt now. Just remember – you need a map. Or at the very least a vision board and a plan. Get creating.


When we talk about self-esteem the sub-text here is also self-possession, Pisces. That implies being in control of our resources. The new Moon in your 2nd brings money, income, possessions and values into focus. But remember your most valuable possession is you. This new Moon says: Don’t waste it.

Seeing yourself as worthy, valuing yourself more and also projecting your values is all part of your self-possession package. No more short-changing yourself with limiting expectations. Especially as you are being backed up by your two rulers in your sign. This new Moon can usher in a better paying job or extra income. It can also deliver enhanced relationships, assistance from women and n some cases a new love or relationship which turns into a real ‘asset’. If you have been overly invested in a one sided connection this Moon presses the reset button. What you will come to appreciate in the coming month is that rich is a feeling that begins within. Not just a sum in your bank account. You will also know that you ARE enough, right now, just the way you are to have what you want. Invest in that unshakeable truth, Pisces.