Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 4th 2022


Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 4th 2022

Don’t allow love to get lost at sea

Live your highest potential

One idea can change your world

Venus enters Pisces this week sending all of us floating away on an ocean of dreams. Cast a net into possibilities but please – don’t get lost in a sea of love. It’s important to not to drift now. Sure, Venus is direct and we may all want to make up for lost time when it comes to that search for someone special if we are single. But the downside of Venus in here is we can fall in love with the illusion of it – rather than the real thing, and end up shipwrecked.

The upsides – and there are plenty, is discovering treasure from our past love journeys and enhanced compassion, creativity and intuitive abilities. This is an especially good transit for anyone working in the arts, the metaphysical or spiritual healing realms or any area where creative leaps need to be made.

Awaken to change and connection

This same day (5th) hands us a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius – sign of the collective and our future plans. This along with Mercury now in Mars’s ruling sign of Aries making a sextile between both Saturn and Mars from here across the 7-8, awakens that feeling within that we are all part of something bigger. Our inner altruist and warrior for positive change comes to the fore. There’s a desire to connect and support others. We are empowered in new ways within and the big idea which can fire all of us up now is that by being empowered we empower others. We’ll be instinctively drawn to those people who feel the same. This is an excellent day to connect with your support network – or take steps to create one. Join in, reach out – especially to those you haven’t spoken to in a while, and embrace your connections.

Heightened perceptions, big picture thinking plus the total conviction that ‘Things must change and I must change them’ accompany the high-tensile square between Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. One idea can change the world or how we think or even are perceived by others. Our inner leader awakens and takes control. Steer your ship in the direction you want it to go this week. Whether it’s towards love, outer success or following up on that long desired need for change. You can be both empowered and empowering this week. And that’s what your highest potential looks like.

In a nutshell: Venus in Pisces is all about expressing that higher love and going with the tides of inspiration. Just don’t lose sight of the shore. Time to direct those ideas to ways that can change your world – or connect you to others who want the same.

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