Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Pisces – Bring me a higher love

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Jupiter Neptune Conjunction April 2022 – Bring Me A Higher Love!

By our astrologer Elen

Check your birth chart right now. Do you have anything at 23 degrees of any sign? But especially the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces? April 2022 brings us an extremely rare alignment between Jupiter and Neptune. Both meeting in Pisces on April 12,2022. Both planets rule Pisces. Jupiter being Pisces’ ancient ruler before the discovery of Neptune in 1846. So, we say both planets are ‘at home’ in here. And they have a lot in common.

The last time these two got together in their ruling sign was 1856. So, this is a once in a lifetime event. Yes, we seem to be living through a lot of those recently don’t we? Those of us here now are the warrior souls, the dreamers, the visionaries, the healers. To understand what this meeting between these two heavyweight planets may bring for us, we need to look at what they both rules and also back in history to what was happening then. Astrology goes in cycles and we say there is nothing new under the sun! This especially applies when we are dealing with Neptune and Pisces as this is the 12th house which rules our past. So, think your own, your past lives and the collective ‘past’ too!

23 Degrees

If you have any horoscope factors at 23 degrees in your chart – no matter what sign/house they are in, you will be directly impacted by this conjunction. If you are unsure about this, one of our incredible, insightful astrologers will be happy to go through it with you.

In astrology we talk about ‘orbs of influence’. This is usually within one degree. So, the exact meeting between Jupiter and Neptune occurs at 23 degrees, 58 minutes of Pisces on April 12. But we say the ‘orb of influence’ occurs when both are within one degree. So, we will feel the effects of this conjunction from April 7 – April 17. If you have anything at 23 degrees in your chart, it will be triggered at any point during this 10-day period. Again, one of our astrologers can give you exact timings.

Cosmic Connections

It’s not just 23 degrees of Pisces that is triggered during this time. At the same time as Jupiter and Neptune are ‘in orb’ at 23 degrees, we have the North and South Nodes at 23 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio respectively. This will trigger a massive ripple effect which could affect the money markets and also our deepest desires and fears. Put it this way, it will trigger in your chart what you focus on. So, its important to send those thoughts higher during this time!

Altar You Space

Last time Neptune was in Pisces we saw the emergence of the pre-Raphaelite movement, an increased interest in mediumship and spirituality, and throughout Europe and North America, the creation of parks and public spaces which featured fountains and also glass houses – both very Neptunian. The Crystal Palace in London, built to house the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, was built just after the discovery of Neptune in 1851. The Grand Palais in Paris was built in 1900. Glass houses were a feature of this Neptune/Pisces period – glass being a Neptune substance. But the idea behind this was for people to spend time in spaces where they could contemplate the beauty of nature and in the case of hot houses and exhibitions, the boundary between one world and another was blurred by glass.

We may see a resurgence of using glass and also in the creation of more public spaces especially in our cities. Existing ones will enjoy greater use and possibly become the focus of more organized activities such as Tai chi, meditation, exercise, learning or even worship as traditional boundaries around where we do things blur.

Breaking Down Barriers

Jupiter rules long distance travel, foreigners, airlines, mass transportation. Neptune rules the sea, the invisible and also dissolves borders. So, we cannot talk about this meeting without touching on the present global pandemic and what this meeting may mean for Covid-19 and travel and trade especially.

Jupiter always offers solutions and opportunities. What we may see during this time are more travel bubbles or corridors opening up making it easier for us to get around. But we are talking about a mutating virus and planets in mutable signs. So, we cannot afford to be complacent as this tells us things may change.

Some astrologers are broadcasting more doom and gloom over this meeting rather than focusing on Jupiter’s problem-solving ability. This is because the conjunction takes place at the same degree as a fixed star in Pisces called Markab. This is fairly esoteric and advanced astrology. Markab is a star in the constellation of Pegasus – it is actually in what would be the ‘saddle’ of Pegasus. It’s interesting of course that both Jupiter and Neptune rule horses. And in ancient times a winged horse would represent what an airline is for us today.

Of course, it’s not just aircraft which fly though the air. But viruses too. But saddles are to do with control and stability. So, this is one reason to be optimistic that we may enter a time where some travel corridors stablise for us. Neptune conjunct Markab is also associated with being able to come up with solutions in changing time and a love of foreign cultures and lands. So I believe this is a reason to be optimistic!

What does this mean for you?

No matter whether we have chart factors at 23 degrees or not, we will all be affected by this meeting. Here is what you can expect from the Jupiter/Neptune goody box on a personal and soul level:

  • Increased psychic ability and creativity. Any latent gifts you have in these areas will make themselves known. If you are already working with them this is your X-Men transformation where they become superpowers.
  • Being able to intuit opportunities which emerge out of changing times and situations
  • Deep healing from your past
  • More focus on our spiritual health and the tools we have to bring this about: meditation, being in nature, alternative healing etc.
  • Topics such as the multiverse, reincarnation, spirituality, the Tarot, astrology go mainstream
  • The oceans become a hot political topic – over-fishing and conservation in particular
  • Horses, horse racing and anything connected to these – especially doping or underhanded dealings
  • Drugs both legal and illegal. We will see changes in attitude to some substances which may still be classified as ‘controlled’ but now used by mainstream medicine especially in the treatment of mental illness. The opiate crisis. However, Covid may continue to mutate like the flu.
  • Sacred tourism. Where travel is allowed expect travel to sacred sites or tours where the emphasis is on spiritual alignment to increase in popularity.
  • On-line learning: Expect an explosion especially around subjects ranging from quantum physics to mediumship.