New Moon in Virgo Moonscope August 27 2022 – Moving On

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New Moon in Virgo Moonscope August 27 2022

Virgo’s astrological start to their new cycle begins early in it with the new Moon in Virgo appearing just four days after the sun’s arrival in here. Renewal and new beginnings are the promised gifts for the birthday sign. But they are likely to be keeping their plans under wraps for a while longer under this new Moon. Gently caring for and nurturing those dreams like tender plants and not exposing them to the outside world until they have grown strong enough to reach towards the light.

Virgo understands the need for the details. For patience, a less-is-more approach, for quality over quantity. This sign gets juiced up over schedules, details, chunking down big tasks into bite sized pieces and the innate wisdom of knowing that a small shift in one area creates a big ripple effect across all others. We can all make like Virgos under this new Moon with the focussed intention of making everyday magic in our lives. From doing one thing differently such as opting for something healthier for just one meal to shifting our daily priorities to focus on giving ourselves more time to do what brings joy. Make every little thing you do magic – and count towards the larger whole under this new Moon.


Your focus narrows from the usual broad-strokes approach to those precious details, Aries. You may also surprise yourself by slowing down at the time of this new Moon. Think recharge time before another fierce spurt of activity you are known for! Yes, you do on occasion need to refuel or at the very least, ensure you’re not missing that shining treasure right in front of you. Often exactly what we seek is hidden in plain sight.

This is a good time to ask: What do I want everyday to deliver? In terms of your work, study, wellbeing and satisfaction? And then: How do I go about creating this? The Moon encourages you to embrace the knowledge that all outer changes begin within. In this case, by doing something you usually do out of rote or habit, differently. You’ll see how every little element matters now. The wording on your CV, the clutter on your desk, that not-so-healthy-diet, the routine that has you on auto-pilot. And you’ll quickly begin to appreciate how one small adjustment in any area immediately has a knock-on effect on your mindset or energy level. 

It is time to see what claims your attention each day. It it wittered away on that social media feed or stolen by tedium? This Moon marks the start of a cycle which can see us running around playing Whack-a-Mole but not accomplishing anything much. The key is laser vision on what truly moves you ahead. So, get focussed and also flexible, Aries. A little shaking up of what you have considered mundane adds the spice you have been seeking. 


One of the best new Moons of the year for you, Taurus. You’re feeling spontaneous, romantic and ready to enjoy yourself. A few little indulgences (or even several), may be called for as this new Moon says why not spoil yourself? One thing is certain – you’re ready for love. So yes, the feel good factor extends to the ability to draw in that potential love interest for singles. Or at the very least, engage in a flirtation or too.

You are set to dazzle now and for the next two weeks, Taurus. Now, to outsiders this may seem effortless. But if we are talking about you showcasing your talents, gifts or smarts, chances are there is nothing ad lib about it. It’s all the result of you diligently working long and hard behind the scenes. However, you’ll make it look easy. A Star is Born moment could occur with you garnering praise, followers, attention and rewards of a more tangible nature for what makes you stand out.

Being your 5th house and the house of children, babies, children, millennials, Gen X or even that lover who has the potential to make you a parent or step parent could have a big role to play. But maybe it is just time for you to ask when you last allowed your inner child permission to express itself – and let that happen. Holidays, parties and anything that sets your soul aglow simply add to the feel-good factor this month. If you have hesitated over anything – from claiming your happiness to taking a chance by swiping right or applying for that job – you’ll hesitate no more, Taurus.


The new Moon is in its ruling house in your chart and fellow Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo. Suddenly words like ‘Comfort’, ‘Warmth’ and ‘Refuge’ take on new meaning. If you find yourself feeling over-whelmed or anywhere where the vibe is jarring, your first thought will be ‘I want to go home’. And we know you are usually one of the gregarious, social butterfly signs on the zodiac, Gemini! 

Take it that your home, roots, family, lifestyle, living arrangements and anything which provides you with emotional/physical/material security will be your prime focus. Long term decisions can be made with this new Moon especially if they are linked to property or those you care about. That includes you of course. It’s important to remember we need to nurture ourselves the way we do loved ones. And we have a responsibility to ourselves to ensure our needs are being met. This could begin with lavishing your time and love on your home to turn it into a place which sustains and supports you. And if your present living situation doesn’t provide that, this new Moon can give those moving plans a boost.

Family members may crave your time and support. Look to how they ask for this. Do they ask directly or feel they have to use subterfuge or manipulation to get their needs met? Is this a pattern you have unwittingly inherited? This new Moon wants you to embrace patterns that are healthier and more nurturing. And more likely to answer and soothe any insecurities within. You’re being shown the way to really get your needs met. Embrace a fresh dynamic, Gemini. 


The new Moon in your 3rd wants you to set something in motion, Cancer. It’s no use talking a good game, you are now being asked to bring it. The new Moon in here is promising you new people, places and opportunities. But to claim them you must be the catalyst of your intention. Writing, studying, presenting, publishing, design, pitching, meetings, flirting, the internet – all are your playgrounds and your portals to potential now.

You will have little or no patience for people who waffle or don’t get to the point. You are in the mood for some straight talking now. No, you’ve not checked in your usual sensitivity at the door. But you’ll simply want to cut to the chase and get to the heart of the matter. Whether this is a business meeting or a conversation with that significant other. You’re alive with a fusion of the best intentions combined with new ideas. As a result, others take notice. 

This is your house of short journeys, travel and commerce. Some of you may be holidaying. If you have a business idea – this is the Moon under which to launch or refine it. And the one under which to apply for that new role. Conversations you start with others open doors no matter if these are face to face or over your device. What’s familiar to you – your neighbourhood, your close network, even your siblings if you have them, may have a new role to play in what is to come. This is your house of clicks and connects. Joining the dots between those thoughts and ideas and making something of them. To clicking on that Apply Now button or that profile. Follow through on that thought.


Gorgeous, glowing self-worth should be a natural extension of that Leo pride. Time to look to how yours is rated with the new Moon in your 2nd.  This has nothing to do with self-entitlement or narcissism. But everything to do with how you value yourself. 

Breathe in the essence of self-esteem and look to your relationship with abundance and your cash. Also what it is you really want to gain or get materially for the upcoming year. Take this further than simply saying ‘A better paying job’ or ‘To charge more for my services’. How much more? Be specific. Chances are a sum will pop to mind. But don’t leave it there. What will you do when you have this additional income? There’s a ‘So that . . .’ behind all this. ‘So that I can save for a house deposit . . .’, ‘So that I can live debt free. . .’ ‘So that I no longer have financial stress . . .’, ‘So that I can take that bucket list trip . . .’ Everyone’s ‘So that . . .’ will be different but you need to find yours. So take the time to simply work out what you are working towards and what you want your money to REALLY buy you. Because this is how you attain it. You uncover the need behind the wanting more.

Along with this should come enhanced self-worth as you plan your way to attaining this. It’s also a good time to have a life audit. Yes, your money is involved – of course it is. But also anything that adds or subtracts from that priceless rich feeling of being loved and appreciated. Look at how or what you have in your life that can truly be termed ‘assets’ to you. But anything that subtracts from the equation – maybe it’s time you liquidated and invested elsewhere, Leo. Your self-worth knows what’s worth the investment.


Time to ditch the past and meet the future face forward, Virgo. No matter when your birthday falls, the new Moon on the 27th marks the start of your fresh astrological cycle. It tells you not to look back but ahead into the next 12 months and what you want it to bring for yourself.

Grab those birthday brave pants and dare to do, dream and above all – initiate. As usual, you infuse those plans with a dose of practicality and Virgo-brand magical realism. You know you need a plan and that dreaming isn’t enough. This is the most exciting, enchanting and potential-laden new Moon of the year for you. It invites you to take action on something you have been dreaming of. Perhaps this is a new, more refined version of you? If so, you will set in motion the process of becoming the version of yourself you see so clearly in your mind. Know that any changes you make now – be they to your habits, your appearance or simply stating that intention, are likely to stick or you see them through.

As you begin this new stage of your journey, the world begins to mirror the changes you make. Between this new Moon and the next one in your 2nd, you’ll witness a big change in how the world – or even one particular person, reacts to the new you that’s being unfurled. This tells you everything about 1) your relationship with them and where it’s going and 2) how important this on-going process is to you. It’s time to clean out that wardrobe if needed and ditch anything dated, unflattering or which you simply no longer wear. Maybe you loved it once. But you now realise that was Then You. Today You’s style as evolved. You are a work in progress this coming month, Virgo. Don’t be afraid to experiment and spoil yourself as you go. Welcome to your relaunch.


Pump up the Kate Bush as you’re in for Stranger Things with the new Moon in your 12th. It’s all a question of seeing something from a different perspective, Libra. Which is what the power of the 12th hands us. This is the house of our beliefs, spirituality, psychic abilities, intuition – God, Buddha, Allah, Eywa, angels, the Universal Consciousness – whatever we want to call it. Are you Running Up That Hill, Libra? What it is from your past you need to reclaim or reframe? Perhaps seeing it from a new perspective entirely? Expect revelations and also release from anything that traps you or binds you to a past that may not be exactly the way you perceived it to be.

Just like Kate Bush is enjoying a revival, you may choose to resurrect something from your past or it may come alive again of its own volition now. You discover its renewed importance and meaning. Or you shift what is an intense perspective around a past issue. Your interpretation of it changes due to fresh insights. In an interview, Kate Bush explained that if the couple in the song could make a deal with God and swap places or perspectives, they would understand one another. If you are after the truth or that ‘other’ point of view under this new Moon – you may actually get that deal. But only if you are honestly open to the truth.

You are now in your annual soul house clearing period. Reflection on the past, discarding what is no longer needed – including memories and thoughts as well as ‘stuff’, refines you and lightens you for new beginnings to follow next month. Don’t let one interpretation of the past hold you back.


You enter your annual social peak so this is no time to be sofa surfing with that boxset, Scorpio. The new Moon in your 11th sets the scene for many months to come. If you are in hermit mode now you are likely to remain so for quite some time. Now, that’s fine if that is what you crave. But if it’s not, this is your cue to emerge from hibernation and circulate once more.

This is your house of the future and your goals. You are being given an opportunity to change up that future or strike out with fresh intention towards that wish or dream. Friendships can be renewed and new connections made. You have arrived at the point on your soul journey where you understand that life happens and can eat up our time unless we make a conscious effort to stop it. This Moon is that moment. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months and we realise we meant to call or message that friend for a catch up but it didn’t happen. The thing is – they are probably in the same situation. So, with this in mind, don’t allow guilt to derail your intentions any further. Make contact and a plan.

Life is a collaborative venture. You need more collaborators! Push aside any feelings of shyness now and if your actual physical social life as opposed to your 5,000 Insta followers has withered on the vine, it is time to go out and connect. Think about all you have to offer. Your qualities as a friend and also what you have to contribute to a group or even the whole. This should give you the confidence you need to venture out and get meeting and greeting now. This new Moon tells you that you have the right stuff personally and spiritually to find your people. And under it take it they are looking for you as well.


Time for an outstanding move under the new Moon in your 10th. It reawakens dormant ambitions and inspires you to achieve something, Sag. This can be anything from that next big step on the career ladder to paddling solo up the Orinoco or supporting your child or partner to succeed. 

You have a desire to be known for something bigger than yourself. Reputation is everything now so do craft your public image carefully. This includes your on-line one. Bring it into alignment with what you want to achieve. This isn’t about ‘fake it till you make it’ – but it is about looking like you already belong.

Authenticity and the ability to bring your best game are the secrets to your success now. Hence no fakin’ it. Moving in elevated circles, promotions, rubbing shoulders with VIP’s and being ‘on show’ are themes. Doors can swing open wide in the next month. Or else slam shut in your face. Own the results no matter what you get now. If you are met with refusals and blocks, this is a sign you may need to move in another direction. Or make an adjustment to how you are coming across.

Rewards are on offer now if they are due. Setting serious intentions gets you serious results. Whether this centres around a professional or a personal ambition. Your 10th rules the status of your relationship and partner. Or potential partner if you are seeking one. Dates and interviews are very similar. It’s a two-way street where both parties discover whether or not they are a good fit. Have your questions handy, Sag. And see how they measure up against that checklist for success.


Get ready for a different worldview to form in the upcoming month, Capricorn. The new Moon in your 9th is all about broadening those horizons. It marks the beginning or a real or metaphorical journey. Often this begins when the blinkers are removed and we see we’ve only been given a slice of what is a far bigger picture.

This new Moon can usher in travel – the long distance variety. Or simply take you away on some level from what you consider ‘familiar territory’. Chances are you are ready to ditch limitations now. Whether it is simply in your circumstances or your thoughts. Watch for someone who appears during the next month who opens your mind to a solution or opportunity you may not have been aware was an option for you. Or even existed. A bit like when Steven Strange first arrives at Kamar Taj and the Ancient One opens his third eye. A revelation that there’s so much more surrounding you than you previously imaged.

In focus as well as travel and foreign affairs of all kinds – higher learning, the law, the mass media, airlines, mass transportation, big business, sports, animals, the outdoors, taking a chance, your philosophy on life as well as your beliefs. This new Moon tells you that you’ll never know unless you try or go. This new Moon is linked to the card of The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot. Take it the wheel spins in your favour. Provided you remain wide open to the immense world of possibilities first.


You can’t control the process of change no matter how hard you try. Without change there is no growth. And nothing evolves. So, bear this in mind with the arrival of the powerful new Moon in your 8th, Aquarius. 

We may yearn for change. Send a request out to the universe for it. But then not like the form it arrives in. The new Moon marks a point of transformation for you. Also, if you know you must be the one to kick-start the transformation process but have procrastinated, this new Moon will hand you the confidence to take action. 

This new Moon hands you the ability to make an all-important connection between what you desire and the process of change that has to accompany it for you to get what you want! But it also tells you that sometimes you simply can’t control the process this will take. What you have to do is release and surrender.

If you are faced with what seems to be unchanging or an impossible situation you doubt you will ever escape from, do all you can then simply let go. All change to come up, sweep you up and take your safely up and away as you transcend limitations. Be open to what form change arrives in. It is change only. Whatever it is you desire to do, desire the change that needs to occur for it to arrive, Aquarius.


The new Moon in your 7th glows with partnership potential. You are out not just for lasting love but balance and harmony too, Pisces. In all your interactions.

Duos, duets and double act dynamics of all descriptions invite you to Be Two in some way. Yes, this can be a working partnership or a close friendship just as easily as it could be that boo. Commitment is in the air. Existing unions could simply evolve to their next, natural stage. Love brings you more joy, satisfaction and the promise of something lasting. 

This is the card of the Two of Cups in the Tarot – or should be. Two strong hearts aligned with similar intention. It’s effortless – or should be. If it’s hard work or has turned into that, it may be time to step back and ask why not? 

Love should bring out the highest version of ourselves. So if you are committing to one, ensure it does just that. And if you are seeking one, be upfront about it from the get go. You and the other party need to be on the same page. 

This new Moon awakens the desire to love and be loved in return. Don’t forget the self-love and beloved within while you are at it! Settleds – make that extra effort to make that love feel new again. Singles – ensure past hurts are behind you and take a whole-hearted approach to finding someone new. Looking to join-up, team up, double up in business or for an activity? Know the kind of qualities you seek in that partner-in-time. Ask how can you make your relationship future better than your past? Simply show the love, Pisces.