New Moon in Libra Moonscope September 25th 2022

new moon in libra

New Moon in Libra Moonscope September 25th 2022 – Balance

By our fabulous astrologer Elena

The new Moon in Libra appears at 2o 49’. So, Librans should check their charts for anything at the 2-3 degree orb as this will be a powerful new beginning. For all Librans, this marks the start of their fresh astrological cycle. A time of relaunch but also a re-evaluation of what they want for the coming cycle as it occurs during a Mercury retrograde. As a result, the new beginnings inherent in any new Moon may be delayed or re-imagined.

Libra is the sign of marriage, partnerships, duets, double acts, and even duels as it rules open frenemies and foes. It is also the sign of balance symbolised by the sign of the scales. So, the combination of a new Moon in here at the time of a Mercury retrograde is a call to us all to look at areas of our life that have become out-of-kilter or skewed too much in one direction. And to set them to rights. Be this in our personal relationships, our work, or our relationship to ourselves. It’s a win/win if we do. When we achieve balance everything flows so much more easily. Especially love.


Let’s talk touchy-feely, Aries. Your sensitive core which you hold within your armour is asking to be heard. What does it need? Acknowledging that doesn’t make you needy or weak. Just human. For settled this is a good time for some relationship gardening. To sit down with your significant other and talk about what you both need. Or just spend quality time together. If you are single or seeking a new job, for the latter – do put this on hold until Mercury exits retrograde next month. The former – your best love strategy is to tune in to your needs and look to how you can fill them yourself before searching for someone to complete you. You are already complete so start from there. Even if you have a need that calls you to fill it.

Do you have any factors at 2-3 degrees of your sign? If so, there is an intensity about this new Moon. Opposites can attract. Or you draw to you what you need to restore balance. Perfect partnering comes from being our own best partner in life. Here’s your starting point. Especially if you are putting off doing certain things until you have one. Or have you fallen into the ‘I will start my search when I lose 15 lbs’ trap? Or when work is less frantic? The list can be as endless as the stars. But it leads to always waiting rather than experiencing. Take yourself on a date instead of waiting for someone else to ask. Launch yourself into self-love activities by experiencing what you dream of doing with that lover – now. Fill the need or that sensitive issue, and the love follows.


Balance within leads to balance without. Funny how we talk about a ‘balanced’ diet. I hope you have not been living off ready meals and energy drinks, Taurus. What is your body telling you it needs? Look to bringing that energy level back into alignment under this new Moon.

This is your house of day job too. Mercury, the ruler of your 6th is now retrograde in your 5th when this new Moon appears. What are you working for? To feed yourself and feed a passion outside of work? Or are you one of the lucky ones whose work is their passion? You are being awakened to the importance of working with meaning – and what this adds to your life. Whether your work is paid or unpaid. It’s what it adds that hands you the feeling of a job well done.

It also has to hold meaning for you. If your current job doesn’t hand you that, it might be a good time to prepare to search for one that gives you that take-out of soul satisfaction. But do hold off on sending those applications winging their way out there until the retrograde is over, if you possibly can. Your body has been keeping the score regarding what you do each day, your habits, your routine and even what you surround yourself with. Are you fuelled up and focussed? Or drained and running on empty? Don’t disregard what your body says about what you do every day.


Variety is the spice of life. All work and no play make Gemini a dull sign. Sometimes we need to take fun seriously. Or give pleasure the kind of focus we usually reserve for our career path. You’ve Mars in your sign asking you to seek out the passion and heat that’s been missing. Now, combine this with a new Moon in your sector of fun, romance and playfulness and it’s time to issue a bold statement: This is my time to shine. 

Own it under this new Moon in your 5th. Yes, it appears right when ruler Mercury is retrograde. So, part of your re-balancing act if things have taken a dull downturn recently could be reclaiming your sparkle or throwing caution to the winds when it comes to what you love to do. Internal and external critics no longer have a platform – or an opinion. So ignore them. 

This new Moon brings what you do that makes you stand out to the fore. Along with issues around lovers, children, step children, babies, conception and yes, what leads to having children in the first place (or can do). Expect a fresh phase to go through its birth pangs now. However – as far as the big reveal goes – you may have to wait for that until Mercury returns to your 5th and clears retroshadow for good. If that constantly texting lover suddenly goes radio silent – pull the focus back to you instead.


Hopefully, you have signed that contract, done that deal or made that move before Mercury went retrograde in your 4th. By the time the new Moon appears in here it is back in its ruling 3rd. So, moves or new beginnings on the home front, family or anything that touches on your security are subject to delays and reversals.

That does not mean that all bets are off, however. As well you know, new Moons always mark the start of a fresh phase. Who you live with, your own family members, your in-laws if you have them, your house, apartment, Airbnb guests, roomies, sharers, buying and selling, leasing and renting and even builders and tradespeople may take on a fresh significance. Discovering your builder has vanished leaving work half completed and having to find another one would be a typical new Moon in your 4th/Mercury retro occurrence. As could that buyer getting cold feet or the survey revealing something you did not expect around a property you wanted to buy. Leave room to manoeuvrer now. And know things will move forward again next month.


The new Moon in your 3rd (Mercury’s ruling house) is about getting around, your neighbourhood, siblings, that book, pitch or idea and the internet. It’s about an idea, a launch, a piece of news you hear, your social media feed – or is it?

It appears when Mercury is retrograde. So it appears to be something new, but it turns into old news or even fake news. That idea needs more work – a revision or research. Progress stops and starts. Refine and, above all, be patient. Do stick to those retro rules under this new Moon. Have questions handy. And be prepared to wait. Hold off for now on that big idea. It may be big but it’s not ready. Something is missing. Think refinement. And funny how others may skip the important details too. Like serving an edited version of the truth. Or pretending they didn’t get your meaning. They did. And you know it.

This new Moon is fabulous for going back over something. For returning to that idea you abandoned for instance. For looking at what’s close to home for you in terms of the resources you need. And for rediscovering lost aspects of your early years – your childhood, teenage years, those old dreams and ambitions. Pay them a visit now. Something is worth a relaunch, Leo.


Do you need me to remind you your ruler is retro when the new Moon in your 2nd appears? I don’t. Here comes a new beginning around your money, possessions, property, income, business and those all important values, Virgo. Hopefully before your ruler shifted into reverse gear you got the above in order. If not, now is the time to balance the books before you go any further. New agreements – get it all in writing. Read the T&C’s, the fine print. Ask for confirmation – again in writing. Be a stickler for the details. It’s where the money is.

Before you think this is all about cold hard cash – let me assure you it’s not. It’s about very special relationships too. Your 2nd house rules the relationships that you consider to be ‘assets’ to you. Those people you can quite literally ‘bank on’ to be there no matter what. Who has got your back in other words. By the time Venus arrives in here just after this new Moon, you’ll see just who that is. Keep the focus on your own value system. How others reflect this or not, Virgo. If you share more than values, a joint account, property or something else, be ready to renegotiate or refine the deal as needed.


No matter when your birthday actually falls, the new Moon in your sign marks the start of your astrological new cycle. It just so happens this one occurs during a Mercury retrograde so the past is going to feature in some way. Reframed or resurrected to form part of your future even.

No matter your plans – wait. Know you will attain them. But now is not the moment to launch, initiate or take that first step. But to go deeper and refine. By exploring the past you mine the lessons from it. Take what you need and discard the rest. When we reframe the past – which this new Moon in conjunction with Mercury retrograde is all about, we release ourselves from any residual power it has over us. And in doing so, we set in motion brand new possible outcomes that would not exist for us otherwise. 

Look also to who you want to be in the year ahead. How you want to be seen and perceived. That relaunch extends to your look, appearance, style, brand, social media feed, title and the impression you make on others. Undertake any refinements now. You’ll not only love the results – others will too.


Go deeper into your soul vault with the new Moon in your 12th, phoenix. You are in preparation time to rise glowing and renewed once the Sun reaches your sign next month. For now, down-shift and explore the mysterious workings of your soul and your innermost secret dreams. 

What visions does your soul have for you to look at when it comes to your upcoming cycle, Scorpio? This is about trust and faith. In your deep spiritual beliefs. But above all in yourself. This is your house of the past. Along with the present retrograde weather, this new Moon allows you to cleanse and clear it. So do keep this in mind if the past reappears. Do you really need it to repeat?

What you keep hidden within you – from pain to those secret hopes and dreams, all could well up until this new Moon. You may turn to the Tarot, astrology, meditation, therapy, a psychic reading, self-help books, a spiritual guide to do deeper. The process itself may keep you going back and forth right up until your birthday cycle begins, Scorpio. What you thought, believed or knew to be true may shift as a result. The one true faith is that which we have in ourselves and our connection to a higher power of love and wisdom. This new Moon strengthens and renews that. This may be so personal and deep you won’t want to share it. And that’s okay too.


Reclaim those guiding stars and in doing so – rewrite or relaunch your future, Sag. Due to this new Moon’s appearance in your house of friendships and the future coinciding with the heavy retrograde weather, this is not so much about the new but about re-exploring the path not taken. Or reviving those old connections and goals, Sag.

Look to what you still yearn to do, experience or achieve. Ask what led you to abandon those visions in the first place? Lack of time? Self-doubt? Fear of failure? Fear of success even! The reasons can be complex but are they really valid? Perhaps they are more subtle – such as leaving friends behind should you succeed? Or their disapproval? Or is it you need to renew faith in yourself and your own ability to succeed?

Reach out and revive old contacts and connections. Especially if anyone has been on your mind lately. Just be aware that this process may be one of elimination as there may be some instances where you discover what you shared is no longer there. But that’s part of your process. Some friendships like lovers stand the test of time – others don’t. Time for thanks for the memories if so. And wait for November to begin making new ones.


What’s your mission in life, Cappy? Your career or anything that defines your status is all-important to you. It’s not just about worldly success however – that’s too superficial for you. It all has to mean something. Career and work matters are highlighted by this new Moon in your 10th. Or even those of your partner or your own partnership status. But because of this massive retro weather front this Moon coincides with, nothing really may be truly signed, sealed or settled until November. So, do bear this in mind. 

So, that round of interviews, order, pitch, promotion, negotiation, deal or contract may stall, reverse or go back and forth until finalised next month. What you can do and what is all-important for you, is to stick to your resolve and keep aiming for the outcome you want. 

From all of this a new role, position, step up the ladder, success cycle or mission will eventually emerge. This new Moon promises a fresh stage or literally new worlds to conquer for you. It also heralds a cycle where you are in the spotlight in some way. Stepping into a larger or front-of-house role. Whether you consciously work it or not, your moves attract attention. Ensure they are all the right ones in the coming month ahead, Cappy.


Never one to conform, the new Moon in your 9th brings a real ‘Set me free!’ feeling. It ignites your heart with a desire for something bigger, breathtaking and expansive. Things may feel too restrictive or confining for you now. Of course, this may be magnified due to the heavy retrograde weather front we’re experiencing. Mercury and all the outer planets from Jupiter. Including ruler Uranus in your 4th and your old ruler Saturn retro in your 1st. So, along with that desire for freedom, do take care not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This needs to be a time of no regrets.

That being said, solutions, opportunities (even missed ones!) and a dash of luck could appear between now and next month. Just be aware as this is your house of long distance travel and foreign affairs of all kinds, that the two planets which rule moving about, contracts and big business (Mercury and Jupiter), are also backwards. Yes, if you are revisiting somewhere you have been in the past this can lessen the retro impact. But not remove it. So, you need to bear this in mind. 

This is also your house of study, the law, the mass media, sports, the outdoors and large animals especially horses. Think revision, retraining, re-editing, refining. Avoid large purchases. And possible entanglements with people in foreign places – from those of the heart to business dealings. Yes, something could appear on the horizon laden with potential. But you need to ensure it’s all it appears to be before heading out into the great unknown towards it.


What’s adding up and what isn’t under the new Moon in your 8th, Pisces? This is about your money. And what is shared by you and with you with another. If you are married or live with your partner this can be the joint home, mortgage, investments etc. It can be your bed and what happens there – or not. This is your house or sex, self-empowerment and transformation. As well as your salary, benefits, payouts, shares and legacies etc. It’s also your house of settlements especially divorce settlements. And ‘settling up’ or paying out on promises. 

What is promised and what is delivered may also feature. Now this can be money as in a raise, a business transaction, a dividend or bonus. Or it can be something someone has been promising you which ‘seals the deal’ so to speak. Yes, we have major retrograde weather at the same time this new Moon appears. So, negotiations may be in flux, stalled or reverse. But what’s important for you is to look at how long this has been going on and how far along you are with this next month. 

An extreme example of this kind of situation would be the ‘It’s complicated’ triangle where one promises the other they will leave the third party. But years on there’s no sign of this happening. Or it could be something constantly dangled in front of you with ‘someday soon’ attached to it. To keep you hanging in there. But also stuck. Maybe you are the one fearing to make that key decision. But you are stronger than you know. So, allow for retro back and forths a while longer. But if payday doesn’t arrive by November – you need to be accountable to yourself, Pisces. Power on!