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New Moon in Libra Moonscope September 25th 2022

New Moon in Libra Moonscope September 25th 2022 – Balance By our fabulous astrologer Elena The new Moon in Libra appears at 2o 49’. So, Librans should check their charts for anything at the 2-3 degree orb as this will be a powerful new beginning. For all Librans, this marks the start of their fresh […]

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Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 26th 2022

Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 26th 2022 How are you living your love? You are what you think Get ready for a break in the weather! Get ready for a break in the weather. And as the lyrics to the song of the same title tell us: Where are we going and what are we […]

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In a nutshell: There’s a new deal on love or a key partnership emerging for you this week, Virgo. What you share with another or past, present and potential entanglements offer up a fresh era of what two can do.

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In a nutshell: As the retro weather breaks up you become the alchemist when it comes to changing something which may have had you stuck. It’s the shift in how you see it that creates the magic, Aquarius.

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In a nutshell: Best face forward, Capricorn. You’re back on show this week in the best possible way and set to make an indelible impression both professionally or personally. You know what it is you want now. Get serious about it.

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In a nutshell: After weeks of spinning your wheels, it’s time to rev up those plans and make that bold, ambitious move, Sag. What’s been waiting for you in the wings now makes it’s appearance.

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In a nutshell: Old friends and connections could return with fresh relevance this week. Or you could reclaim a goal you allowed to lapse. Whatever renews now does so with new meaning for you, Scorpio.

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In a nutshell: Relaunches and renewals feature this week as ruler Venus arrives in your sign and Mercury heads direct in your 12th. Bring forth the beauty without and your faith within and begin your new cycle, Libra.

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In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury heads direct in your sign this week. You know the drill, Virgo. Cautiously begin to unveil those changes and new plans. But be prepared to adjust as needed.

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In a nutshell: Work that self-worth this week, Leo. And above all – know where you need to direct those precious resources. Not just your cash either. Love, time and your talents need to be re-invested wisely.

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