Celebrity Astrologer

Leona Lewis

Michele Knight with Leona Lewis on Xtra Factor. Michele predicted her American success as well as her collaboration with Justin Timberlake.

Russel Brand

“She is fantastic, an enlightening experience!”

Russell Brand on ‘Psychic Knight’ pilot for Channel 4.

Sharon Osbourne

Michele worked with Sharon on ITV’s incredibly successful the X Factor Xtra Factor.

Holly Willoughby

Michele worked with Holly and Phillip Schofield as resident astrologer on ITV’s This Morning.

More Celebrities ...

Ben Shepard

“A friend of the show, she’s never been wrong.” Ben Shepard introducing Michele Knight on one of her stints on Xtra Factor.

Jane Goldman

“Spookily accurate with me and my life.” Jane Goldman on Jane Goldman Investigates Tarot – Living

James Hewitt

“Simply Astonishing! How could she know all that?” After Michele Knights reading on Livings ‘Mystic Challenge’.

Helen Lederer

“Her predictions were spot on!” Helen Lederer.

Lesley Joseph

“That was fantastic! A great reading.

You have opened my eyes!”

Will Mellor

“Really impressed.” Will Mellor on Living TV ‘mystic challenge’.

Sue Perkins

“I have been a client for over ten years, Michele is always amazing and incredibly specific.”

Melinda Messenger

“Excellent, she was brilliant.” Melinda Messenger on ‘Psychic Knight’ pilot for Channel 4.

Tara Palmer Tomkinson

“That was the best reading I have had in my life.” Tara Palmer-Tomkinson on ‘Psychic Knight’ pilot for Channel 4.

Stephen Gately

“She was spookily accurate about me and my life. I’d recommend her to anyone.”