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The week ahead for libra

In a nutshell: Relaunches and renewals feature this week as ruler Venus arrives in your sign and Mercury heads direct in your 12th. Bring forth the beauty without and your faith within and begin your new cycle, Libra.

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It’s the season for love

Reclaim past elements

Renew your faith in a higher power

Ruler Venus arrives in your sign this week breathing new life into love and all those personal desires, Libra. Time to emerge from the dull shadows of the retro weather which threw shade over the start of your birthday cycle as Mercury also heads direct in your 12th this week. Before Venus arrives it trines Pluto in your 4th and meets that retro Mercury on the 26th. This could bring a long standing situation to a conclusion and have the effect of releasing you back into forward flow at the same time.

Love and self-love for that matter are now in the air. The Sun in your sign opposes Jupiter in your 7th also on the 26th while Venus does the same on the 1st. You also have Mars in your action-packed house of travel and big ideas making an opportunity creating angle to Saturn in your 5th (28th). If you have been waiting for your moment to make your move, this is it, Libra. Restrictions lift and barriers fall down. What’s more, you have a fierce yet courageous surety about the choices you make or the path you take now. You know it’s the right one for you. And what you want, Libra.

Ceres enters your 12th on the 30th and there’s still a lot going on with you behind the scenes when it comes to your inner world, your dreams, inspiration and your link to your beliefs and a higher power. Ceres in here reaffirms that direction your soul compass is pointing you in. And also allows for answers, adjustments as needed, as restores your faith in a higher power. Including faith in yourself. If you are still seeking answers – ask and expect them to appear via signs, synchronicities or messages from beyond this week.

In a nutshell: Relaunches and renewals feature this week as ruler Venus arrives in your sign and Mercury heads direct in your 12th. Bring forth the beauty without and your faith within and begin your new cycle, Libra.

Sep 26 2022 Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (12th to 4th)

Sep 26 2022 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo (12th)

Sep 26 2022 Sun in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries (1st to 7th)

Sep 27 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (12th to 4th)

Sep 28 2022 Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius (9th to 5th)

Sep 29 2022 Venus enters Libra (1st)

Sep 30 2022 Ceres enters Virgo (12th)

Oct 1 2022 Venus in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries (1st to 7th)

Oct 2 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Virgo (12th)

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Don’t fence me in

What returns is part of your happy returns cycle

Born to be wild this birthday season!

What’s great about the start of your birthday season is ruler Venus which arrives in your sign on the 29th. Just four days after the new Moon appears (25th). The Sun reaches your sign on the 23rd and what’s more, you still get that extra love boost from Fat Cupid Jupiter in your 7th house.

Sure, you also start your cycle with Mercury retrograde in your 1st. While you need to remain mindful of its ability to create mayhem – especially when it backs up into your 12th and its ruling sign of Virgo on the same day your birthday season begins. In your 12th it can create problems you can’t anticipate or even see you being misunderstood. You do start your fresh cycle in major retrograde weather with 60% of the planets backwards in the sky. Don’t despair however. This means that what you have been waiting for – be it news, solutions, opportunities, a person or even that chance to re-launch yourself or your dreams, catches up with you as opposed to you having to chase it.

In fact, if you have been involved in a chase – whether that elusive lover or professional oportunity, now is the time to stop and instead cultivate patience. Be willing to surrender your desire for a particular outcome and instead see what the universe delivers between now and Jupiter returning to your 7th at the year’s end. Make this a time of trust in the magical workings of universe, fate, destiny – or whatever you name it. Especially while the Sun and your ruler remain in your 12th and also during the two key oppositions between Mercury and Jupiter this month.

Certainly, there’s intention and reinvention in the air ahead of the Sun and your ruler in your sign. And it’s the two Mercury/Jupiter transits which bring this to the fore. Get that Fat Cupid love boost or discover what simply waiting for love or opportunity to come to you brings you on both the 3rd when Mercury still direct opposes Jupiter. And then again on the 23rd when retrograde. You have one more Mercury/Jupiter opposition to come when it heads direct once more next month. Be prepared to play the waiting game right up until them

Due to the fact Mercury stations retrograde in your 1st the day the full Moon appears in your 6th (10th) you need to focus on the details and also be mindful that missed connections and miscommunications can occur on this day. Not to mention something being missed or left out entirely. Do double check everything and repeat yourself if necessary. Lucky for you, if you are the one who is left without all the facts you needed, you should see the remaining pieces of the puzzle complete the picture around the 16th-18th. Again, play the waiting game in all areas.

Feeling antsy as your new cycle starts, Libra? Looking for adventure and whatever comes your way? Rev it up and get ready to ride into something more heart-starting now Mars is in your 9th. Mars in here pushes you out into bigger experiences – all in the pursuit of a passion. Your wild side is awakened and freed. You won’t take kindly to being fenced in or anything you feel restricts you on any level. If wanderlust has you travelling now, do remember both planets which rule travel and transport – be this short haul, long distance, your commute, airlines and mass transportation are retrograde. Do have a back-up plan or route.

Mars can make you impulsive and impatient. Especially in this house. Keep reminding yourself to be patient. By all means answer the call to adventure by exploring that subject or daring to try that experience you’ve been dreaming of. But again, when it comes to chasing something – don’t. Resist this.

Considering from the 23rd onwards you have star quality charisma thanks to the start of your new cycle – why would you run after something? (Or someone?). Let’s talk retroactive love revivals including the self-love kind due to the Sun/retro Merc meeting the day the Sun arrives. What do you need to gift yourself you may have let go of as new possibilities beckon? It’s a new start yes – especially when the new Moon appears in your sign marking the start of your new astrological cycle. But due to the retrograde shade, it’s tinged with going back to the past and excavating something worthwhile from it.

There’s also that patience factor in play I mentioned before. Being willing to watch, wait and cultivate surety in the right outcome coming to you. Know when you have done all you can do – and then let go. Once ruler Venus arrives on the 29th, ensure you become your #1. You’ve still got a big bite of that Jupiter love apple still to come next year and if you are seeking your #1 then ensuring your self-love is equal is the way to attract it. Settleds simply get better at that balancing act. Ceres in your 12th on the final day of the month adds that new perspective when it comes to sharing and the compromises you make. There’s more in your New Moon in Libra Moonscope. But for now, love yourself a little bit more and the world loves you as you move into October.

In a nutshell: Many happy returns, Libra. In all possible ways. It’s not just the Sun and ruler Venus in your sign this month. It’s the retro weather which could simply re-deliver what you’ve been waiting for.

Sep 1 2022 Mars in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries (9th to 7th)

Sep 3 2022 Mercury in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries (1st to 7th)

Sep 5 2022 Venus enters Virgo (12th)

Sep 10 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Libra (1st)

Sep 10 2022 Full Moon in Pisces (6th)

Sep 11 2022 Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (12th to 8th)

Sep 16 2022 Venus in Virgo square Mars in Gemini (12th to 9th)

Sep 16 2022 Sun in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (12th to 6th)

Sep 18 2022 Retrograde Mercury in Libra opposition retrograde Jupiter in Aries (1st to 7th)

Sep 19 2022 Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (12th to 4th)

Sep 20 2022 Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (12th to 8th)

Sep 23 2022 Sun enters Libra (1st)

Sep 23 2022 Sun and retrograde Mercury conjunct in Libra (1st)

Sep 23 2022 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Virgo (12th)

Sep 23 2022 Ceres in Leo trine Galactic Centre in Sagittarius (11th to 3rd)

Sep 24 2022 Venus in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (12th to 6th)

Sep 25 2022 New Moon in Libra (1st)

Sep 26 2022 Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (12th to 4th)

Sep 26 2022 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo (12th)

Sep 26 2022 Sun in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries (1st to 7th)

Sep 27 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (12th to 4th)

Sep 28 2022 Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius (9th to 5th)

Sep 29 2022 Venus enters Libra (1st)

Sep 30 2022 Ceres enters Virgo (12th)

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Jupiter planet of luck, opportunity and expansion lands in your 7th of lasting love and partnerships, Libra. Time for love? Certainly one of the best for you to become part of a double act or enhance your present one you’ve experience in 12 years! Out with the longing – on with the loving in ‘22!

Love and partnership matters are the hot topic for you in ‘22, In all love’s many splendored forms and across all areas of your life. But as the year begins, you are being asked to focus on love close to home – of family, those you live with, meeting your needs and theirs and love for that place you inhabit rather than the romantic kind. This is all down to ruler Venus starting the year retrograde in your 4th house.

Mercury will also be retrograde at this time. Starting its moonwalk in your 5th of romance and ending up in your 4th before heading direct once again. All this tells you that seeking that new partner is a no-no for now. But also this is about living and loving your life and how you live no matter what your relationship status currently is. If you focus on this during this retrograde period, you will quickly discover that this opens the doors to getting all the other kinds of loves.

Yes, 2022 may be off to a slow start due to this. But take it that the year will not stay this way. You will experience a glow-getting, goal setting retro free period for most of February and all of March promising non-stop, full speed ahead progress towards those desires.

Uranus remains in your 8th for ‘22 and you need to remain true to those values and ensure your value system is aligned to what truly matters to you. This is about soul integrity and what you will or won’t sell it for. Priceless as a certain credit card campaign tells us. Your values will provide you with a guiding light this year during any times of uncertainty and confusion.

Especially as this year’s eclipse axis takes place between Taurus and Scorpio – your 2nd and 8th houses. And the North Node swings back into Taurus at the start of the year. Yes, this will be about your money, cash, assets and income. You should of course, avoid major financial decisions at the times of the eclipses which I will give you in a moment. But it will be about far more than that at the end of the day. Financial karma and beliefs around money will come full circle. But this will also be about what money can’t buy you too. As well as what it can. Remember – money cannot buy us love or happiness but it buys us choices. And also, how much is ‘enough’? Expect to find yourself in situations where you will look at this either through your own experiences or those of other people!

Your eclipse dates are April 30 – a partial solar eclipse in your 8th at the time of the ‘Black’ new Moon. This is nothing sinister but the term for the second new Moon in a month. An extremely rare event which can only occur once every 2.5 years. For one to cause an eclipse is rarer still. If you remember your eclipse rules then you know you are in the dark at the time of an eclipse. Eclipses hide and conceal. A partial eclipse – well, you have a glimpse of the truth. Just not the whole picture.

So, no big decisions on this day around either money or partnerships. And keep an open mind around what might be hidden in that eclipse. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. They simply ARE. It just so happens on the day this one occurs ruler Venus makes a superb alignment with Jupiter in your 6th. Benefits being one hidden thing which could emerge.

This occurs just after a magical and once-in-165 alignment occurs between Jupiter and Neptune in your 6th on April 12. Love what chooses you and drop the struggle and the chase. Look to what emerges and comes to you effortlessly. Especially if it has a positive impact on your work, daily life and overall wellbeing.

Your other eclipse dates are May 16 – total lunar eclipse in your 2nd at the time of a Mercury retro. I should not have to tell you to keep emotions out of any financial dealings and guard your cash at this time. You have another eclipse in here on Oct 25 – a partial solar one. Watch and wait. And the final one in your 8th on Nov 8th which falls conjunct Uranus so has an unpredictable quality to it. However, if something doesn’t go to plan this simply means it was not in your long term best interest. Bear this in mind.

Back to love

So, let’s get back to love. Jupiter spends approximately half the year in your 6th of day job and everyday business and responsibilities. And the rest in your 7th of lasting love and partnerships. Get ready to open your heart to someone or something bigger! It arrives in here on May 10, re-enters your 6th for final housekeeping tasks on Oct 28 and returns to your 7th on Dec 20 to see in the New Year for you.

This is one of the best cycles you have experienced in 12 years for bringing you that special someone. Or even redelivering that partnership opportunity you missed out on the first time around. You have more than one period where attraction and hot, hot love possibilities are all around you. The first one occurs in March after Venus has turned direct and meets Mars in your 5th and Eros and the Sun enter Aries and your 7th. The first two weeks of April are filled with the promises of falling in love with love again. Whether this is with your current bae or someone new.

July brings the chance of important new connections where communication and common themes align you to someone very much on the same page as you thanks to Venus drawing on all the potential of the Galactic Centre. Your birthday cycle this year coincides with Mercury retro in your sign but this time you have the planets opposing Jupiter in your 7th. Second chances rule at this point.

You’ll be filled with the desire to expand your horizons and travel especially the long distance kind may be back on the menu for many in ‘22. Your confidence and willingness to try something new will increase thanks to an extended stay by Mars in your 9th. However, Mars will make an extended retrograde in this house. Don’t take unnecessary risks, become over-confident or an Adrenalin junkie in your search for that rush. And please, if you are going anywhere, stay away from ‘dodgy’ areas or places you don’t know during this retro cycle. Mars retrogrades on Oct 30 and remains backwards on into ‘23 so this applies across this entire period.

You will end the year with Jupiter back in your 7th, Chiron direct in here and powerful Ceres in your 1st offering you a new deal on love or partnerships in some form. Your main goal for ‘22 however should be first and foremost to fall in love with your own life first. Then in loving what you do. Not someday. Someday is a time which never happens. But today and everyday. Then – falling in love with a person, what you can achieve or experience with someone be they a love partner or another kind. If ‘21 had you asking ‘Where’s the love?’ – ‘22 shows you exactly where it can be found, Libra.

All about libra

Libra Is an air sign ruled by Venus the planet of love. You are kind and fair and hate disharmony and arguments. You love beautiful things and can always see the beauty in the people you meet. Your soul lesson is to not get caught in indecision but to express your voluptuous humanity!

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