Astrological overview for September 2011

Mercury is in leo, mars is in cancer, venus is in virgo, sun is in virgo,

2nd  – Jupiter retro trine pluto retro

8th  – mercury in leo opposite Neptune in aquarius

9th – mercury into virgo

10th – venus in virgo sextile mars in cancer

12th – full moon in pisces (mars sextile venus, mercury in virgo trine pluto)

14th – mercury trine jupiter

15th – venus into libra

17th – venus opposite Uranus, tsquare pluto

18th – venus square pluto exact

19th – mars into leo

23rd – mars in leo trine Uranus, sun into libra

26th – mercury into libra, sun opposite Uranus, sun trine mars in leo

27th – new moon in libra square pluto in Capricorn, sextile mars in leo

28th – mercury in libra square pluto

29th – venus conjunct saturn

30th – sun sextile mars in leo

It’s a quiet start to September as far as planet movement go, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening; what there is going on during the first week carries more energy than usual.

This is the trine (harmony) aspect between Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter = Big, Pluto = Transformation, so put together this could be a week to remember. Jupiter has a way of easing in changes in a comfortable way, so Pluto’s characteristic emotional intensity will be much easier to manage. Both planets are retrograde (appearing to move backwards), so the past is important in some way here.

On the 8th Mercury opposes Neptune. This is the classic aspect of absent-mindedness and brain fog! So no berating self or others for any mix-ups or mixed messages. There’s plenty of time for clarity and efficiency from the 9th once Mercury moves into its own sign, Virgo, and feels right at home getting all the facts and figures straight till the 26th when Mercury moves onto Libra.

There’s a soft and psychic full moon in Pisces on the 12th, and there’s some nice planet patterns to go with it: there’s a sweet sextile (affinity) between Mars and Venus, which always bodes well for relationships, especially romance; while Mercury links up harmoniously with Pluto… this is superb for deep and meaningful connection through communication, and is also about discovering or uncovering information and data that gives a clearer picture on a situation.

Mercury trines Jupiter on the 15th, which expands or adds to communication in a lovely positive way; helped also by Venus beginning a trip through Libra, the sign it rules, on the 16th. Venus seeks harmony, while Libra seeks what it seeks harmoniously!

And this is a challenge over the 17th and 18th, when there’s a planet pattern with a punch, involving Venus, Uranus and Pluto. This is a time when relationship issues are stirred up and certain situations act like a catalyst for change. It’s full on energy, but not necessarily negative – it just takes balance to manage well, and that is something that Venus knows all about. Venus opposes Uranus on the 17th, which can indicate electrifying energy powering up all relationships, especially those romantic ones. Shocks or sudden surprises of all sorts perhaps, which are then intensified by the square aspect between Venus and Pluto on the 18th.

But from the 19th there’s a welcome change in tempo when fiery Mars moves into fiery Leo. Yes, the heat is on in the best of ways when motivation planet Mars is in Leo, it’s all about focused creativity and sharp artistic visions of the future. But it’s got to be fun when Mars in Leo is about; it’s all about the entertainment value – including romance.

Mars trines Uranus on the 23rd, so expect sudden fun to be had from somewhere; as well as bright ideas and lightbulb moments. It’s also the 23rd that the sun moves from Virgo to Libra – otherwise known as the Equinox, when days and nights are of equal length.

Mercury moves into Libra on the 26th, just in time for the new moon in Libra on the 27th. It’s the new moon that speaks of balance, and again, this is might be a challenging one, as the new moon and Mercury opposes unpredictable Uranus, in Libra’s opposite sign of Aries. Pluto’s influence might be felt again, pushing for structural transformation and change, so there’s a degree of trust necessary during this new moon, that only what needs to change is about to change.

Venus conjuncts Saturn in Libra on the 29th, which makes it a challenge to see beyond current limits in situations, especially regarding relationships. The strength of this aspect is the discipline to move step by step towards goals, so make peace with current circumstances with the knowledge that you’re slowly working your way forward, with time.

This is supported by a warm and friendly sextile between sun and mars on the 30th – no matter what limits there are right now, there’s still fun to be had somewhere within them.

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