Your free weekly astrological overview 30th Jan to 5th Feb 2012

1st  – Mars in Virgo retrograde opposite Venus in Pisces

3rd  – Neptune into Pisces

For everyone, but especially for Pisces and Virgo’s, this is a week to remember. Planet Neptune moves into Pisces, the sign it rules, for the next 13years. Neptune made a temporary dive into Pisces last year, between April and August, but retreated ready for the permanent move this week.

It’s so significant because it’s a real once in a lifetime shift; Neptune is one of the giant slow movers in the skies – last time Neptune settled in Pisces was over 150 years ago! It’s great news for Pisceans, because it’s their ruling planet, so Neptune is right at home here, and there’s likely a feeling of lots of things clicking into place for Pisces in a way not experienced before.

For Virgo too, this is going to have a significant impact on relationships. All relationships, contracts and agreements, with a special mention for romance, will benefit from this sensitive influence. Neptune is about a sense of oneness, in the cosmic sense, rather than the individual sense, so what better place to experience it than relationships.

For the rest of the signs, Neptune will encourage insight, imagination and inner exploration. There’s a new place for a new journey, accessible to all through exploring the creative Neptune senses… art and music is likely to become more significant collectively, and spiritual disciplines such as energy healing will become more integrated and accepted into the mainstream mind-set. Auras and chakras are set to be less woo-woo while altered states of consciousness such as meditation might be more interesting to the masses.

But for now, there’s the beginning of this journey to take this week, which is preceded by Venus in Pisces opposing Mars retrograde in Virgo. It’s imaginative and meticulous energy, a search for balance between order and chaos, faith and scepticism, and is driven by past experience or past involvements.

Venus/Mars always spells romance, and even though an opposition between planets usually indicates separation or divide, there’s something about this combo that works so well for romance – opposites attract after all…

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