Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview March 18

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20th – Sun enters Aries
20th – Spring Equinox Northern Hemisphere, Autumn Equinox Southern Hemisphere
22nd – Venus enters Aries
22nd – Four planet stellium in Aries – Sun/Venus/Mars/Uranus
22nd – Sun/Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunct in Aries. Sextile Jupiter in Gemini, trine Moon in Leo

 Spring forward and embrace change!
 Love is in what you do, not what you say now
 Innovation and the unexpected dominate

Spring is officially here this week when the Sun enters Aries on the 20th, marking the start of the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and of course sending the Southern Hemisphere coasting into Autumn.

In fact, the planets seem in rather a hurry to spring forward into Aries as Venus follows two days later joining Aries’ ruler Mars and Uranus, planet of challenges and thrills. On the 22nd all four planets will meet and beam a sextile to Jupiter in Gemini and trine the Moon in Leo. It’s air fanning the fiery flames and getting us all fired up emotionally but the catalyst is Jupiter, planet of expansion and ruler of Sagittarius, the one fire sign that’s being left out of all this. Venus in Aries asks us to be love in action – it’s not about what we say but what we do. Aries is the sign of the warrior so the call is to be a warrior for love. Mars is all about action while Uranus – well, this planet provides the rollercoaster ride that change both positive and negative provides us. Look for amazing innovations that over-turn conventional thinking and unexpected events that throw spanners in the works. But with Uranus, chances are the works the spanner fell into weren’t working anyway and needed to be replaced.

News of inventions, incursions or innovations could be the flavour this week. Many of us may have intense emotional feelings about what we are doing or giving to the world. If you’ve been sitting on a good idea perhaps now’s the time to unveil it. This is the week for ideas whose time has come. Remember, we tend to label events as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ instead of just seeing them as experiences. This year so far has seen us all under the spiritual influence of the soul-refining planetary build-up in Pisces. Now, as the planets move on into Aries it’s all about taking what we’ve learned and putting it into practice in the outer world. Which is where the being love-in-action part comes in. So – do things differently this week. Do them with love.

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