2013 Grand Soul Alignment – The July 29 Star of David

If you’ve read my previous article on The Grand Soul Alignment which starts in June 2013, you will already know that something very special is happening in the sky this July. This is when the planets – the Moon, Jupiter and Mars (both conjunct on this day), Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune align to form what is known in astrology as a Grand Sextile or Star of David. This aspect is extremely rare and is considered one of the most positive aspects there is. The ancients associated it with the birth of a king – in this case the Hebrew king David after which it is named. As I mentioned in my previous article, the Hebrew prophets are considered the best astrologers who ever lived. Historians have pointed out that the story of the Three Kings following a ‘star’ to where Christ was born could not have happened as no comet was due. Astrologers would point out this is not the kind of ‘star’ they followed – a Star of David would have formed and they would have known by the planetary positions where to go – and been informed of course, by those clever Hebrew prophets!

To illustrate just how rare and powerful a Star of David is, the last time one formed was at the beginning of the end of WWII – on the 7th February 1945, which showed that the conflict was coming to a close. Because of this association however, oddly many modern astrologers look at the Star of David as having the potential to create conflict. This is not necessarily the case even though traditional astrologers would point out that in this particular Star of David configuration, Mars the planet associated with conflict is in its fall in Cancer and opposing Pluto. However, there is another way of looking at that – Mars (fire) in a water sign may produce a lot of steam – but not much else! Plus he’s conjunct Jupiter – exalted in Cancer. So, what can we expect?

Whatever happens, because the aspects of this Star involve every astral body, this means everyone will be affected in some way. Also, that the energies swirling around us may be a little overwhelming at first as we try to process what’s going on in our lives without being overwhelmed. We should have had a foretaste of this in the middle of June and those of us attuned will have been dealing with the new energy.

We are moving toward a time of joining forces, of understanding we are all one. In Quantum Creating I talk about the fact that as spiritual beings we are evolving at a fast pace. We are called upon to understand that kindness is our superpower, that if we help others and know we are one, we are helping ourselves. This Star of David, I believe, is calling us together as a powerful one consciousness. Each of us a unique shard of the divine whole awakening to the divine truth that is love.

The thing I love most about astrology is the fact that is holds true but has evolved as our understanding of the universe and of the human psyche has grown. If we look back at the time of those Hebrew astrologers – back then people believed in a God who was wrathful and vengeful and who punished His followers if you didn’t adhere to a certain set of rules. Now, people believe different as we understand events have nothing to do with an angry deity punishing us – this is just life! The same goes for many of the traditional interpretations of the planets. Centuries of study and soul evolution has now shown us that planets which were once thought to be malevolent and bring bad luck, also rule positive events.

What I believe is that the Star of David could herald a new era of spiritual and material accountability for us all on an individual and a soul group level. We will be called to pay the price for our actions whether they have been mindful or less so. This could be good news for us on a collective level as we may see banks, corporations and large bodies made accountable for their actions. Individually, we will be called to look at where we are not living up to our potential – and we may find ourselves in a position where we can finally shine the way we were always meant to – perhaps through processing larger than life events around us. It also allows us to surrender past pain and baggage and be born anew free to reinvent ourselves as if there were no past damage! We are awakening to our power and our ability to transform ourselves and each other. It is also a time where the sacred feminine is awakening and reintroducing us to the concept of nurturing ourselves and the planet.

And as for babies born on July 29, 2013 – well, the Hebrews did believe this aspect heralded the birth of royalty – and the Sun is of course in the regal sign of Leo. So any babies born on this day will undoubtedly be set to become a star on some level.

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