Your 3 Most Important Astrology Questions Answered

There are some questions we astrologers get asked time and time again or that very often are the reason for someone consulting an astrologer in the first place. As these questions come up all the time and for those impatient Aries out there who can’t wait to have their answers, I’m listing the top three – and showing how astrology can provide the answers.

1: I’m with someone and the sex is mind-blowing. We’ve been together a while. How come s/he isn’t moving the relationship on to something more serious?
We all know how in astrology we have 12 houses in our chart and each house rules something different. When astrology developed, our modern idea of marriage didn’t exist. Marriage was for making alliances, having children and making sure you had someone to look after you when you got old. Love didn’t come in to it and sex was just really for having the children who would look after you in your old age and through whom you could make more alliances. The marriage house which is the 7th was distinct from the house of love and romance (the 5th) and the house which rules relationships where sex is very important (the 8th). Remember – mistresses and also affairs would be ruled by the 8th house! Today we expect to marry the person with whom we fall romantically in love with and to whom we are sexually attracted – but this was not always the case! However, we need to remember that being physically attracted to someone and embarking on a romance is no guarantee the other qualities needed for a long-term partnership are there. If you are having a love affair then this is ruled by the 5th and 8th houses – not the marriage house. An astrologer can look at both charts and tell you if the relationship is going to evolve into something more serious or remain as it is.

2: If I’m so smart how come I’m not rich? Am I going to be rich?
Aha! Again, we have very different houses at play here. Your intellect is ruled by the 11th house. Your 2nd rules money and self-worth. Look around you – history shows us plenty of geniuses who died in poverty. You can have a fabulous 11th house but your 2nd may not be so good. Making money or being famous has nothing to do with being smart. You’ve only got to look at the stars of reality TV shows to see that. As to whether you’re going to be rich – read on . . .

3: I now feel really depressed having read this. You’re saying I was born not to get a commitment from someone and be broke? Is there anyway to fix this? Surely I can’t move my planets into different houses?
One thing we always have to remember with astrology is that we chose to be born at a certain time to experience certain lessons in this life. However – and even some astrologers forget this – the planets do not dictate our reactions nor our ability to evolve. We are energetic beings and the planets broadcast certain energies. When we change our energy we change the planets influence on us! Think of your chart as a big clock. The planets orbit around it just as they do our solar system bringing with them new opportunities and new ways of dealing with old issues. If you were in a relationship where the 8th house is dominating it – there is nothing stopping you from asking where the relationship is going and saying you are looking for something more serious. If the person you are with is not up for anything else but a fling, you now know and by doing this, you have shifted your energy to the 7th house. You may have to wait for a planet to trigger the opportunity – it may be that the person you’re with now takes the relationship more seriously or by stating your intentions the universe brings you the opportunity to have a long term committed relationship (and great sex!) with someone else.

In the case of being smart but being broke – again, you can change the situation simply by looking at how you are using your abilities and skills. Do you have lots of ideas but don’t commit to doing anything with them? Do you scatter your energy? Do you undervalue your talents and therefore fail to receive both the financial and professional recognition you deserve? Do you go around saying you don’t care about money? Chances are money will not care about you either. When you value your skills, have good self-worth and self-esteem and act on your ideas then chances are you will see your bank account begin to reflect this. And what is being rich anyway? Remember, the 2nd house rules our assets and sometimes they can be the people in our lives! You are never so poor as when you are alone.

Astrology provides us with the tools to change our destiny when we begin to understand the energy of our charts and be willing to work with it. If you want to know more about a specific issue or how to work through it, one of our astrologers will be happy to help you.

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