Keeping it Real: Neptune Turns Direct in Pisces

Neptune planet of illusion has been retrograde in its ruling sign of Pisces since June 2013. On November 11, he will finally turn direct again. Retrograde planets are actually an illusion: of course planets don’t move backwards across the sky – they just appear to from our earthly perspective and Neptune is of course, the Master of Illusion, the great David Copperfield of planets who says: ‘Now you see it!’ – which is what this retrograde period has been all about.

When a planet turns retrograde we step outside of its normal influence. Think about Mercury who turns retrograde three times a year. Mercury rules how we get around and communicate. When he moves backwards we can experience chaos in these areas. In other words – his normal influence no longer applies. Neptune in forward-motion creates illusions and tends to obscure the truth or real meaning behind things. So, when he turns retrograde this no longer applies, the veils of illusion, denial and delusion are ripped apart and we are confronted with reality and the cold-hard truth.

Neptune retrograde therefore brings revelations. We can see all too clearly where we have bought into someone else’s version of ‘reality’. We can receive incredible insights and spiritual truths from the universe during this time. We can also receive validation on our intuition and hunches. If something has been ‘nagging’ us on an inner level, Neptune retrograde can confirm that we’re spot-on. Of course, this can sometimes leave us reeling as we can no longer turn a blind eye to what is going on. Perhaps you’ve been telling yourself that a less-than-satisfying relationship is ‘okay’ or ignoring financial issues. You can keep on doing this while Neptune is direct but once he turns backwards, sooner or later you will be confronted with the cold, hard facts of the situation.

During a Neptune retrograde you may initially feel as if you are walking through a cold bank of fog. But Neptune retrograde ultimately says: ‘I can see clearly now’ – the fog lifts and you could be facing spiritual insights, shocking revelations in your personal life and an enhanced dream life and empathy with others. What is revealed will then require a change on your part – to remain consciously aware of the reality of the situation and not reach for those rose-tinted glasses once more when Neptune once again moves direct. If we succumb to this – and Neptune is testing us here, then we will remain stuck and the revelations that Neptune will have for us the following retrograde are likely to be things we will find even more difficult to accept until we agree to ditch the glasses once and for all.

Look back on the Neptune period and be honest about the truth of what has been shown to you – no matter if it is uplifting, mind-expanding or downright confronting.


Don’t forget – no matter whether Neptune is direct or retrograde, he rules our higher learning. All his experiences are therefore sent to help us grow and evolve on a soul level. How quickly we do this depends on how willing we are to accept the reality Neptune retrograde wants to reveal to us – and not to take refuge in delusion again when he turns to forward-motion.

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