Venus conjunct Pluto – Beauty and The Beast

Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

Though Venus and Pluto had a brief interlude in January this year, they will meet again from next week and conjunct exactly on November 15th 2013. This transit is a little different as Venus will be going retrograde from late December until January 2014 before going direct by February 1st 2014. When Venus does this, she will be in orb of Pluto so we could say she can give him a quick kiss before she continues her celestial journey from where she came. Venus will not have this double interlude with Pluto again until December 2021 and March 2022!.

Capricorn is symbolised by a half goat, half fish which in our way of thinking would be a beast, mythological or otherwise. It is a feminine sign and Venus is comfortable while in transit through Capricorn. Perceived by some as shallow or frivolous, while in Capricorn Venus is elevated to a place of responsibility, trust and having some business savvy. Love is more ambitious or thoughtfully considered and by no means rushed. It would be fair to say there is a business-like approach to relationships, even marriage, with the goal being the increase of position be it socially or in the corporate world.

Pluto can rebel against order, authority and political patterns that are governed by Capricorn. His essence is to transform the norms of the status quo that have become rigid and corrupt. Lies and deception are unacceptable and he seeks improvement either peacefully or with a fight. Resistance is futile with the ruler of the Underworld.
All relationships will be under the spotlight during this transit be it friendships, business associations or romantic partnership. Capricorn is about integrity and if these relationships are not rock solid then the ground can become shaky. The negative side to Venus in this sign is shown with insecurity, jealousy, manipulation and possessiveness, which Pluto does not generally like. This can explode under Pluto’s influence as game playing is unacceptable. This can be done either positively or negatively if the behaviour is not changed. Basically, any toxic relationship will be addressed.

Workplace romances can blossom and that wild sexy attraction in the boardroom can lead to action in the bedroom. Do take care at the office Christmas party where it can come to light. Any romance, especially with that older individual, can be intense and satisfying, though do not grieve if it is short-lived.

This is also a time to fortify our relationships, and in particular, that with ourselves. Pluto wants us to get serious and get down to it. Venus wants us to relate rationally and respectfully. If you are feeling unappreciated at work or your boss unapproachable, be brave and make an appointment with them and discuss this. You are in a long term romance which has not evolved to the next level. Then you need to find out why or look within and see if that is what you really want. The best outcome will be having another perspective of yourself and you change what you do not like regardless of what happens next. That can be the reward of this intense transit.

In a way Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn is very much like the story “Beauty and the Beast”, a tale as old as time. Interestingly it was published in France in 1740, about twenty years before Pluto’s last transit of Capricorn and in 1771 was put in operatic form (Venus rules music). Incredibly Venus, Pluto and Mercury were conjunct towards the end of 1770. One cannot help but think this story, regardless if told by Cocteau, Disney or Villeneuve, epitomises their relationship. Beauty is promised to the Beast whom she goes to of her own accord. He treats her well in the hope she will love him to break a spell of which she is unaware. When she is released by the Beast, he in turn begins to die from heartbreak. Beauty returns to find him near dead, sheds tears and declares her love for him. Then he transforms into a handsome prince.

Venus, or Beauty, is being dutiful as Capricorn dictates. Pluto is clearly the Beast. Remember, as ruler of the Underworld, Pluto gives his wife, Persephone, respect, faithfulness and equality the other gods do not bestow on their spouses. The Beast does the same with Beauty, who is cautious of this being. Unbeknown to her, the friendship they share deepens to something more profound. When she recognises, accepts and admits this, this transformation then releases the Beast from a spell to become the Prince he always was. It shows a maturation of affection to something deeper and more binding. This story embraces the meaning of the Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

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