Which Superhero Are You?

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Superheroes – The Astrological Archetypes


“Astrology, like the collective unconscious with which psychology is concerned, consists of symbolic configuration: the ‘planets’ are the gods, symbols of the power of the unconscious.”  Carl Jung

The origins of astrology are immersed in mythology and the characteristics of the gods that reside in the Solar System. Their strengths and weaknesses are embodied within the zodiac and the beings that represent each of them, both for the modern and the old rulers.
Over the millennia we have been enthralled by the tales of the gods and goddesses and their exploits to maintain their dominance over humanity. As time has moved on we have replaced these archetypes which represent our fundamental personalities with something just as vibrant and larger than life with powers beyond our physical possibilities and just as flawed – the Superhero.
Human nature is very complex and there are so many sciences devoted to the subject. There are many gods and goddess which have certain powers and abilities as do people and these have been simply grouped into twelve archetypes. So what does this have to do with astrology or superheroes? In order to first start to understand the complexity of an individual we need to understand the fundamental nature of each sign which, as we all know, there are twelve.

Each sign best fits the following Jungian archetype and superhero:

Aries – The Hero
Here you have an individual who is courageous and seeks to overcome whatever they are confronted with regardless of the outcome. The life lesson is to use discipline and strategy to choose their battles wisely and have humility when needed.
The Superhero best fitting this sign and personality archetype would be Tony Stark/Iron Man. This is a man who is brash, quick-witted and likes to brag about his success but needs to learn humility. Arians are very extroverted and most need to talk out aloud to organise their thoughts rationally. Tony Stark is a man in his head and that is a strong Aries trait.

Taurus – The Orphan or Everyday Person
This person understands that everybody matters and has a down to earth attitude that makes him approachable to others and gives the appearance of a solid citizen. Even the words used are earthy and Taurean in nature! There is a tendency to feel victimised and pain is internalised on a whole new level.
Bruce Banner/The Hulk fits this archetype beautifully as when angered, the calm Banner turns into a Mean Green pounding machine leaving havoc and destruction in his wake. Bruce Banner presents as a clever and resourceful and stubbornly persistent person in rectifying the destruction left in the Hulk’s wake. Taureans, when angered or in emotional pain, can be implacable with holding a grudge and not easy to reason with. Interestingly enough the Green Man, which the Hulk is, was an ancient motif for Taurus and a symbol of rebirth and the cycle of growth. Banner is trying to cure his condition and with each carnation of the Hulk, comes to find a way to cultivate the Hulk’s persona to become more discerning.

Gemini – The Jester
This soul loves to be the life of the party and just wants to lighted up the world. Fun is the key word for this individual and wants to show others how to turn our work and interactions into a source of enjoyment. This certainly embodies the Gemini personality. They are quick of mind, however, there is that lazy tendency toward irresponsibility and using cruel jibes to get a cheap laugh.
Loki, even though he is not a Superhero, but more of a Super Villain, epitomises the personality traits of both the sign and the archetype. Loki is the Norse god of fire and a trickster but was known to offer wise counsel to the Norse gods. Mercury is the Roman equivalent of Loki and they do share many similarities. Loki is highly intelligent, quick witted and loyal to those he thinks deserve it. Geminis do make good allies but can find a hole in an agreement if they need an escape.

Cancer – The Caregiver
Both Cancer and the Caregiver are nurturers. They display parental or maternal tendencies to others and try to protect those they love from harm. They can be taken for granted and become martyrs if they do too much for people.
Steve Rogers who becomes Captain America is born on 4th July. That is a cancerean birthday. He is stolid is his pursuit of justice even at the cost of himself. He will put himself in the frontline to protect those he cares about. He is also disdainful of those who he sees as unnecessarily reckless or selfish.

Leo – The Ruler
This is a person who shows leadership and desires to create success for themselves and those they care about. On the negative side, they can dominate and be tyrannical. Outbursts of rage when something does not go according to plan are not to be taken lightly. However, this is an individual who really wants to inspire us to create full and productive lives.
Johnny Storm or the Human Torch has the Ruler/Leo personality. Leo’s element is fire and this man loves to be the centre of attention. Though not the leader of the Fantastic Four he has removed himself to find his own autonomy.

Virgo – The Sage
The Sage seeks the truth which makes us think of Sagittarius, but Virgo suits this archetype more so due to the analytical intellect needed to obtain that truth and the freedom gained once that goal is reached. Avoiding dogmatism or being too highly critical or judgemental is the life lesson for these people.

Clark Kent is a reporter and much like Superman, his alter ego, sought truth and justice. Superman is known for his strict moral code which every Virgo has. He may wear his underpants on the outside but that is because he is really carrying a spare pair that cannot be seen underneath his suit.

Libra – The Lover
As the focus of Libra is relationship then the Lover archetype would best suit this sign as it includes all forms of love. Passion, commitment and enthusiasm give them pleasure and they strive to maintain their relationships. Neediness and losing their identity can be an issue when a desired level of intimacy is not reached. However Librans and Lovers want to be both physically attractive and surrounded by beautiful things

Wonder Woman was born an Amazonian princess so it is natural to think of the Ruler or the Warrior archetypes. However, she was born with the Libran qualities, the beauty of Aphrodite, and the wisdom as Athena. Her commitment to humanity meant she relinquished her homeland and followed her passion of doing good and seeking justice for the underdog.

Scorpio – The Magician
The Magician archetype matches Scorpio as both seek to understand the fundamentals of science and the metaphysical. This is so transformation can take place, turning dreams into reality and influencing outcomes. Manipulation is possible however the intentions are well-meaning though not always obvious to the recipient. This is Pluto’s realm and Scorpio is ruled by this planet.

Black Widow or Natasha Romanova is a bio- and psychologically enhanced spy who is  highly manipulative, multilingual and not only has great dexterity and agility but is also a great seductress. She is a very dangerous lady.

Sagittarius – The Explorer
Sagittarius loves to explore and discover the great unknown much like the Explorer or Seeker. They desire freedom to roam the world and dread being fenced into conformity and feeling trapped. The seeking is just not about travel but looking for ways to improving their life which can lead to aimless wondering when the uniqueness sought can actually be found within.

Thor, the God of Thunder, has to be a Sagittarian. Jupiter rules thunder and Thursday which was originally Thor’s day. Thor’s enemy is Loki which, as a Gemini, is in opposition to Sagittarius. Personality wise, Thor is very extroverted and friendly but has been known to be blunt and as direct as the hammer he wields. These are traits of the Explorer and Sagittarius.

Capricorn – The Creator
The Creator archetype fits in with Capricorn as it is not just about aesthetics but creating something that lasts and the work that goes into that creation. They apply themselves to the task at hand with careful planning and strategy. Mediocrity is not looked upon favourably, especially from others. It is through their work or creations that they find themselves and some self-acceptance and confidence.

Bruce Wayne or Batman is the embodiment of Capricorn. The tragic demise of his parents made him a reclusive individual but gave him a purpose to avenge their murder and fight crime. Though he portrays himself as a heavy drinking, irresponsible playboy he is actually a highly disciplined and successful businessman and philanthropist who keeps to himself. Batman’s dry (and corny) humour is also very Saturnian. He has created a cool façade to protect his real self.

Aquarius – The Rebel

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus who also rules rebels, rule breakers and revolutionaries. The Rebel fits in with this Uranian archetype as this person desires to change what is not working within society and bring about new ideas and ways of thinking or living. There is nothing wrong with change except for the manner in which it is brought about. Letting go of the anger is the goal for this individual and finding internal balance.

When looking at Aquarius, Spiderman comes to mind. Saturn was the old ruler of this sign and does rule spiders! Peter Parker’s physiology changes when bitten by a spider that had been affected by radiation which is ruled by Uranus which is the modern ruler of Aquarius. Peter is an awkward young man who does not fit in with his peers so is a social outcast. Spiderman also experiences similar issues as he is not really a team player. Both Peter and his alter ego are humanitarians which Aquarians are.

Pisces – The Innocent
The Innocent is a dreamer. Seen to be naïve, a little mystic too, the Piscean sign embraces this personality. These people have an enviable trust and optimism about life which enables them to get support from unlikely places. This can lead to dependence on others to see them through and they need to be encouraged to face their fears and weaknesses and learn from them.
The Piscean personality is best portrayed by Aquaman. The fact he can communicate with marine life, breathe underwater, and carries a trident shows he is Neptune’s child. However, Aquaman is highly sensitive and not just with his physical senses but with his telepathic abilities. He is adaptable as he can live both on land and in the sea and has the ability to manipulate water too. A Piscean quality is his desire for peace between both the ocean and the land.

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