I See A Bad Moon Rising – Just What Is a ‘Black Moon’?

Harvest Moons. Blue Moons. We’ve all heard those expressions. So just what is a Black Moon? We’ve just had a rare month of two Black Moons – January 2014. Basically a ‘Black Moon’ is a new Super Moon and January has been unusual in that we got two of them in the same month – an event which won’t occur again until January 2018! For those of you new to the term, a Super Moon is the term for a full or new Moon which occurs when the Moon it at its perigee – or closest point to Earth. A ‘Black Moon’ is a new Super Moon as the Earth’s shadow prevents us from seeing it.

In ancient times astrology and astronomy were one and the same thing. It was the combined study of the stars. What is interesting to me about the term ‘Super Moon’ is that it was first coined by an astrologer – Richard Nolle and has since been taken up by the scientific community who appear to have decided they like it! So, here we have a modern day example of how the two fields are actually linked with astronomers for one taking the lead from an astrologer!

Super Moons have more power than usual new or full Moons and this not only includes their astrological influence but their influence on things like the tides. It’s a scientific fact that tides at a Super Moon are higher than at other times!

So, when it comes to astrology, just what influence does a Black Moon have? First of all – we need to let go of any negative connotations. All new Moons represent new beginnings for us on an emotional level of experience. What this experience will be of course depends on which house the new Moon falls in our charts. A ‘Black Moon’ is no different but contains much more potential as its influence is amplified – or ‘super-sized’. There is nothing sinister about it just because it is being termed ‘black’. What we need to appreciate is that in many ancient cultures black is the colour of the void – universal energy in which exists all potential and from which all creation flows. Looked at another way in today’s world of Quantum physics we would use the term ‘unified field’ to describe this. Therefore the Black Moon – or new Super Moon is our portal to this creative force.

When a new Super Moon is due to appear, visit your sign’s forecast on AK (and also that of your Moon and Rising sign if you know them) to understand in what area of your life this potential is likely to manifest. And embrace the magic, mystery and potential that is contained within the new ‘Black’!



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