The Blood Moon Eclipse Tetrad – What’s All The Rapture About?

This week sees the second in a series of lunar eclipses where the full Moon in Aries (traditionally known as the Hunter’s Moon which is the full moon immediately following the Harvest Moon) is eclipsed. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun and the Earth’s shadow is what causes the ‘blood’ moon effect – the name is actually misleading as the shadow can cause the Moon to take on a hue which can range from every shade from grey to orange to red to black.

Eclipses come in series and we have four totally eclipsed ‘Blood’ Moons in a row. This began with the first one which was back in April this year and we have two more to come – the third will be on April 4th 2015 – at 14 degrees of Libra with the final one on September 28 at 4 degrees of Aries. These eclipses have caused some to believe that they foreshadow Biblical prophecies and an ‘End of Days’ type-scenario and have even been the subject of a book – Four Blood Moons – Something is About to Change by John Hagee.

Before we all prepare for the apocalypse, let’s look at why these Moons are stirring up a doomsday mentality. Well, for one thing the Moon rules our emotions. Not logic or reasoning. Our emotional intelligence is important but needs to work hand-in hand with mindfulness if we are to use it to its full advantage. The flip side of this coin is ignoring emotion and relying solely on the facts. Both solutions don’t have us operating at our best and we need a balance of both – which is the message from the Sun in Libra which is the other part of the eclipse puzzle here!

The other aspect that is going on is that the interpretation of this eclipse tetrad is based on ancient Hebrew astrology. Now, I’m not about to denigrate the astrologers from this era as they were amongst the greatest that ever lived and many of the old rules still apply today – in fact most of them still do except for the fact that since biblical times we have learned so much more about astrology and the Moon’s influence on us as well as the other planets, that relying solely on these interpretations today leaves out a big part of the puzzle! Also, many of you will have noted that this latest eclipse takes place conjunct Uranus – the ruler of astrology! Uranus is all about new, innovative ideas and outside-the-square thinking and for me this is a real sign we are being asked not to rely just on the traditional interpretations of these eclipses, but to embrace new ideas around them.

Of course, this does not mean that we will necessarily be able to step into a new paradigm and embrace the alternatives this eclipse promises. The John Hagee book and many astrologers are focussing on the Middle East and Israel in particular and when we have situations where emotions are already running high – such as the current situation in Gaza, ISIS or Syria, then instead of searching for alternative ways of dealing with these highly-charged situations, we may instead fall back into reacting in the usual way – or over-reacting which is more likely. Instead of balance, the scales tip. And we need to be mindful of this in our personal lives as well.

Eclipses always happen in groups and they always bring changes – so we can say this tetrad is no different from any other eclipse cycle. The thing to remember about any eclipse is that many people will not necessarily feel their influence any more than they would a normal full Moon while others will be profoundly affected – it all depends on what degree in your chart the eclipse occurs and if you are uncertain then one of our astrologers will be happy to explain this. Don’t forget that countries have their own charts as well and the same applies. Yes, the eclipses can be hitting sensitive parts of a country’s chart – like Israel for example – but that no transit compels us to act in a certain way – there are always many alternatives as how we can choose to react to the energy – perhaps not the Rapture but enraptured with our ability to change and grow on both a soul and emotional level instead.