Your Free General Weekly Astrology Forecast November 3

6th – Full Moon in Taurus

7th – Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

8th – Mercury enters Scorpio – 4 Planet Stellium in Scorpio

We’ve got major aspects affecting the Fixed Signs this week and for more information on this if you are a Fixed Sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) please refer to your sign’s individual forecast. ‘Fixed’ signs have the ability to literally ‘fix’ things in place and are easily able to commit to things for the long haul. They are capable of sustained effort once they have decided on a goal and each element in the zodiac has a Fixed sign – just as each element has a Mutable and Cardinal sign. If you look closely at the calendar you will suddenly see that a Fixed sign occurs immediately after a season has commenced. So, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and marks the Spring equinox and the sign that comes after Aries is Taurus which is a Fixed Earth sign. Cancer marks the Summer solstice and the sign that comes after Cancer is Leo – Fixed Fire. Libra marks the Autumn equinox to be followed by Fixed Water Scorpio and Capricorn marks the Winter Solstice and Aquarius the Fixed Air sign comes afterwards. What does this tell us in simple terms? Fixed Signs take what has already begun and go deeper into it.

We’re seeing a full Moon in Fixed Earth Taurus appear on the 6th and what we need to bear in mind is that this full Moon is opposing the planets that are currently in residence in another Fixed Sign – Scorpio. The Sun is conjunct powerful master-builder Saturn in here as well. Now, we have two different Fixed Sign energy vibrations in play here. Taurus Fixed energy is about laying foundations, earthy desires and digging in to construct something solid that lasts (this energy actually resonates well with Saturn who is all about establishment, structure and the long-haul). Scorpio Fixed Sign energy on the other hand seeks permanent transformations but by confronting the deep mysteries of life, the imagination, the use of power and archetypal energy – especially sexual energy which is linked to power and creation. If all this is channelled in a positive way and if we are all willing to confront things we may not want to and whish push a lot of buttons (especially around taboos and abuse of power), then what can result is a permanent change for the better. However, if this is resisted then all this energy must go somewhere – and we end up not with constructing something better but more of a scorched-earth, nuclear fallout situation as the energy has to go somewhere and therefore explodes. Therefore this week can draw a fine line between dogged perseverance and being just plain dogmatic.


Fixed signs can find it hard to change or changes can push their buttons which may sound strange considering Scorpio is the sign of transformation. We may be asked this week to all look at our willingness or else reluctance to embrace change – even when we know things need to.

Mercury arrives in Scorpio on the 8th and he’s the planet of fast-moving ideas, thoughts and movement. He’s arriving to inject a fresh perspective and to get us all talking about what we need to change or transform. Settle for discussion – not dogma this week no matter how confronting this issue and no matter whether you’re a Fixed, Cardinal or Mutable sign.