Get To Know Your Opposite Sign and Embrace Success!

Opposites may attract and this is usually because we feel they represent a missing part of ourselves. We often see this in couples where one is out-going and the other more introvert as just one example of how this can play out in our lives. Very often this can go one step further and we may choose a partner who is our opposite sign in the zodiac! Whether we do this on a subconscious level or whether we are coupled up or not, our opposite sign astrologically contains qualities that can often help us realise our potential once we begin to understand them and integrate them into our lives. Astrologers refer to this opposition of energy as an ‘axis’ and while most of you know what your opposite sign is, here they are:

The Aries/Libra Axis

The Taurus/Scorpio Axis

The Gemini/Sagittarius Axis

The Cancer/Capricorn Axis

The Leo/Aquarius Axis

The Virgo/Pisces Axis

So, how do we make our opposite sign work for us whether we have an actual partner who is one, or not? First, get to know your opposite sign as well as you know your own. What are the characteristics associated with this sign? What is its ruling planet? Which house is it traditionally in the zodiac and what kind of people and themes do we associate with it? Do you feel you lack any of these qualities or long to experience some of the themes this sign is said to bring into your life? What people do you know who are born under your opposite sign? Do you get on with them, or do you have a problem with them? If it’s the latter what kind of issues tend to crop up between you? Remember, our opposite sign is traditionally the 7th house of partnerships. This not only rules marriage and long term love partners, business partners and close friends, but also open enemies! If we are attracting people who either are born under our opposite sign or exhibit the kind of behaviour or personality traits we associate with that sign even though that may not be their Sun sign (they may have the sign on the ascendant), this is a message from the universe that our opposite sign has something to teach or show us that is important.

Our opposite sign can be this secret part of ourselves that we long to express but for whatever reason, can’t find the courage yet to do so. It’s a big part of who we are however – a missing piece of our soul puzzles. Which is why we see people pick opposite sign friends and partners. One very un-grounded and dreamy Pisces I know who doesn’t have a practical bone in her body, married a Virgo accountant (a very Virgoan profession!). This was an attempt by her on a soul level to try to bring the day-to-day practicality at which Virgos excel into her life. And we can say from his soul perspective there was probably a yearning to connect to a more spiritual and creative way of being. However, if we fail to make that connection and see what our opposite sign is offering, all that happens is that opposites stop attracting and we don’t feel we have anything in common at all as was the case with this couple. The lessons our opposite sign has for us are sometimes learned more successfully if we embark on this by ourselves.

Very often we can see how actors successfully integrate their opposite sign axis as usually the roles they are best known for will either involve characters who either embody their Sun sign, or their opposite one. Or often in the case of the ‘buddy’ movie, each actor plays out the axis. One of the best ways to understand how this can work in our lives is to watch the dynamic being acted out on screen. Good examples of this include Thomas Gibson who plays SSA Aaron Hotchner in Criminal Minds – he’s actually a Cancer yet his character is most definitely a Capricorn. Joe Mantegna who plays SSA David Rossi in the same series is a Scorpio, but Rossi has all the characteristics of a sensual Taurean when not profiling! Russell Crowe (Aries) is probably best-known for his role in Gladiator – a definitive Aries/Mars ruled character. Yet, Russell’s ‘breakthrough’ film that launched his international career was The Sum of Us – where he played a gay man searching for the right relationship with a distinctly Libran feel. Good examples of two actors playing both sides of an axis include the relationship between Thelma & Louise, Kirk and Pike in the Star Trek re-boots and Merry and Pippin in Lord of the Rings. Can you guess which axes these characters were on?

Understanding and integrating the qualities of our opposite sign allow us to access abilities and strengths we may not even know we had. That’s why opposites don’t so much attract – they reflect our soul potential. So, get to know yours n