Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 6

8th – Jupiter direct in Leo

8th – Mercury/Uranus exact conjunct in Aries

10th – Sun/Mercury/Uranus/Eris conjunct in Aries

11th – Venus enters Gemini

Put creative learning into practice

Push aside doubt and go for it this week!

Love flirts and entices but is it serious?


Green lights appear once more on creative plans and ventures and opportunities which allow us to shine like the stars on earth we all are from the 8th when Jupiter, planet of expansion and higher learning finally shifts direct again in regal Leo. Do what you love but do it with dignity and flair. Golden Leo’s generosity wants us all to have our share of the spotlight – and the rewards that go with it. While Jupiter has been retrograde hopefully you have been learning something about following your passion – well, now it’s time to put what you have learned in practice and hopefully reap the rewards – and the attention, that goes with it.


If any of us feel we need a push out of the door to accomplish this, we’re all in luck now as there are major transits of impulsion in action-oriented Aries this week. Unexpected news may require a response – at the very least a verbal one when Mercury and Uranus meet in here on the 8th.  That push out the door I mentioned can sometimes turn out to be more of a kick up the backside if we have been dragging our heels down the path of destiny and soul learning. The 10th sees a large stellium form when the Sun, Mercury, Uranus and warrior goddess Eris are all in orb of each other. Has your subconscious unwittingly set something in motion because deep down inside you know a change has to occur? But you can take refuge in pretending it is all ‘unexpected’ and outside of your control? Or else are you hesitating at grabbing an opportunity due to feeling unsure? If so, what it is you doubt? That you don’t deserve it or that you will somehow make a fool of yourself if you take it? Eris can set events in motion – as she did with the Trojan War, and she can also cause us to doubt ourselves or our ‘right’ to be in that spotlight. Whatever transpires there should also be no doubt in our minds that we can deal with success every bit as competently as we have dealt with failure in the past. Take the charge out of it all by labelling it as ‘experience’ only – which is all part of Jupiter’s learning for us.


Venus enters Gemini on the 11th bringing light-hearted love and flirtation and a slew of creative ideas in business, communication and even around your own neighbourhood. Love gets highly talkative and social now. And could even spread itself around. Temptation may beckon for some of us – no judgement. Double trouble or double the pleasure? That’s up to you. Love is flirtatious but whether it’s serious or not – that’s something else entirely.

Jupiter turns direct again in  radiant Leo giving us all a green light to push forward with ventures that expand our horizons.