Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 31

1st – Neptune in Pisces at Opposition to the Sun in Virgo (Will be at its closest approach to Earth and fully illuminated by the Sun)

5th – Pentagram: Moon in Gemini quincunx Mercury in Libra. Venus in Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn quincunx Moon in Gemini.  Neptune in Pisces quincunx Mercury in Libra

6th – Venus direct in Leo

  • What is the truth about love?
  • Transform your beliefs
  • A Pentagram brings a gift

Clarity can replace confusion this week as we are collectively led to the truth which is there only if we want to see and accept it. All this occurs as retrograde Neptune in his ruling sign of Pisces comes to his closest point to Earth and is fully illuminated by the Sun in practical Virgo. Don’t look away when confronted with the facts. This is an invitation to no longer live in a world of illusion. But this is a choice as we can choose to stay there simply because we think we are safe. Illusion is a prison hence the saying: The truth will set you free.

Can this truth be around love?  What are you saying when you talk about love or to your partner? What are your beliefs around it? This week is an invitation to examine those and correct them if necessary. The Pentagram of the 5th may contain tense aspects but wrapped up in these is a gift if we are prepared to look for it – or at it for that matter. The Moon sits in Gemini, sign of communication while Gemini’s ruler Mercury is in Libra – sign of partnerships. Libra’s ruler Venus is in Leo where passions and romance get ignited and it all pulls together with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn asking us to change the foundations of our beliefs around love and retrograde Neptune revealing the truth about its higher forms. Time to ditch limiting beliefs about the love not just you, but everyone deserves. To value yourself leads to loving yourself and when you love yourself without this being ego or vanity – which is often a misbelief that stops us from doing this work, we can then extend this love to others – everywhere.

This is the gift and the truth that can set us all free this week and Venus ruler of love heads direct again the day after the Pentagram appears. The Pentagram is the promise, Venus direct again just seals the deal.


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