Weekly Astro Tarot Forecast September 7

Aries – Queen of Cups: Show your nurturing side as others may need your support or reassurance now. A new opportunity could be right up your street and certainly resonates with you. Just say yes!

Taurus – Knight of Pentacles: A lucky break or opportunity to improve your financial standing or cement long term ambitions could present itself and perhaps through doing something you love. Luck is on your side.

Gemini – 7 of Wands: You may have to take a stand over something important. Above all, don’t allow others to influence you when you instinctively know you are right especially when it comes to personal projects.

Cancer – 5 of Wands: Just as you banish one set of niggling, time consuming problems, another batch seems to appear. Instead of stoically wading through it all remember a niggle shared is a niggle dealt with by a team effort. Opt for that.

Leo – Ace of Pentacles: Backing up the presence of Jupiter in your money zone, your hard work or business acumen is about to lead to those financial rewards. Re-invest however, don’t spend it. This is just the beginning of a positive cycle of financial and self-worth gains.

Virgo – Three of Swords: If something ends now it may come with a feeling of relief. Take all the time you need to process. Don’t misunderstand this card. The cause of any pain you’ve been experiencing is now removed so healing and new beginnings to follow as you are healed of soul infections that have been undermining you.

Libra – The Lovers: A new love could be just around the corner or an existing one is about to undergo a major transformation. However, you could be caught between two loves – perhaps work and a relationship and have to balance these or else face taking a risk versus a sure thing. Which will it be?

Scorpio – The Sun: A doorway opens up in your life and the Sun shines through it. Children could feature or if you’ve been stuck in a negative cycle of late you’ll experience a feeling of joy and rebirth once again. Time to shine by creating a new vision for yourself – and your life.

Sagittarius – 5 of Cups: It’s all too easy to become trapped in a cycle where all we think about is what we’ve either lost or don’t have. But count your blessings instead and shift your attention to what remains. Chances are you have more resources than you previously thought – and that includes love which takes many forms.

Capricorn – King of Pentacles: You may benefit from the help of someone older or more successful and experienced. Time to channel your own inner parent if confronted with a big decision and to take yourself and your skills more seriously if rewards and recognition are your goals.

Aquarius – The Star: Your right to be anticipating that things are about to turn around. It’s not misplaced optimism and you should see real evidence your hunches are correct. Don’t let go of your dreams as you have them for a reason. They are part of your soul expression.

Pisces – 3 of Pentacles: If offered the opportunity to hone your skills or talents or a new job, now is the time to stretch yourself and not to underestimate what you are capable of. After all, this is what you have been working towards. You’re no longer the student but qualified to show others how it’s done.


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