Hack Your Planet Cancer: 7 Simple Steps for Life Success!

You are the only sign who has the Moon as their ruler and you do not share her with any other. If you have your Sun in Cancer or have Cancer rising, then she is your ruler. The Moon is associated with intuition, dreams and psychic abilities while your sign is that of home, family, emotional security, nurturing and mothering and/or being mothered. You are the sign most known for your emotional sensitivity. But there is far, far more to your ruler than many people are aware. As she can pull on your emotions like she does the tides, what’s the secret to making your Moon your fullest and most shining asset? Here are some simple hacks to get you in sync!

¶ The Moon’s day is Monday. As your sign is very concerned about food and nurturing, this basically means that starting a diet on a Monday may doom you to instant failure. Your emotions will be heightened on the Moon’s ruling day and if you have a tendency to comfort eat, then it’s easy to see how a diet could quickly be abandoned by the wayside! You are better to wait until a Tuesday which is ruled by Mars as he will give you determination and energy, or a Saturday which is ruled by Saturn is makes it easy for you to impose restrictions. However, if you are seeking insight, inspiration or intuition, then Monday is probably your best day!

¶ Time events with the Moon. A new Moon is the time for new beginnings and a full Moon is when things come to completion or at least to the point where they are ready to go on to the next stage. Try to time projects and plans to coincide with the Moon’s cycles. Your horoscope on here always gives you the timings of the new and full Moons and what area of influence they will have. Invest in a Moon calendar if you want to explore this further and also use the Moon for gardening and planting. If you are involved in your own business or selling products and services – launch them or push forward with promotions and plans in the period between the new and full Moons and then wait for the next new Moon to do this again. Incredibly you should see much bigger and better results from doing it this way!

¶ You are extremely emotionally sensitive and absorb the feelings or atmosphere around you like a sponge. This can in turn affect your own feelings and wellbeing. Be very careful however as being too emotionally sensitive can be just as bad as being as emotionally sensitive as a brick! You may sometimes experience hurt feelings when none are intended. If you discover this happens all too often and you are shutting down or withdrawing as a result, read as much as you can about highly sensitive people and seek professional counselling if necessary. Understand there is nothing wrong with you. You just may become confused sometimes about whose feelings you are actually experiencing – yours, or anothers!

¶ Cultivate your adventurous streak! Although your sign is associated with traditions, home and family, in ancient times along with Sagittarius it was associated with explorers, adventurers and pioneers of all kinds! The reason being of course that the Moon rules the tides on which you sail away. Cancerians were associated with a certain degree of restlessness. Increased confidence and happiness may therefore come from leaving whatever safety zone you have created for yourself on occasion. You don’t have to sail around the world but regularly stretching yourself to try something new or visiting new places and experiencing new cultures will have a positive effect on other, totally unrelated areas in your life!

¶ Learn to wait before acting on your feelings. Chances are it’s just a phase you’re going through. The Moon changes signs and houses in your chart every 2.5 days. As she does she waxes and wanes. The trick is to learn enough understanding of this to see that while you may feel very strongly one way right now, in two days’ time you could feel very differently. Wait unless circumstances dictate an immediate response. If you still feel the same way in a couple of days at least you know your original feeling was the correct one. Or you just may now have a better solution to hand.

¶ Give your emotions expression. If you deny your emotions you could end up being seen as clingy, needy or emotionally manipulative. We all know that’s not you or how you want your loved ones to think of you! Along with waiting before responding, one of the best ways to deal with your feelings when they feel overwhelming is to give them expression via a creative outlet. This can be anything from writing them down, painting, baking or even doing a dance around your lounge room or singing at the top of your voice. Let rip in some creative way and you will see that you control your emotions as opposed to them controlling you!

¶ Create a home and family. Although your sign is that of the mother and being mothered, for some of you this experience in childhood is not what it should be. Either you have a wonderful childhood and family experience or the opposite. If the latter has been the case then for you to succeed in life you need to create your own sense of security and belonging as well as your own ‘family’ from friends and like-minded people. We cannot choose our families but we can choose our friends. Make ‘family’ your priority as well as a creating a home and you will find that life not only becomes joyful for you but success also comes a lot easier!