August General Astrology Forecast 2016


  • Which are you? Lover, artist or both?
  • Passion, push, & pizzazz gets us where we need to go!
  • Happy birthday, Virgo!

August horoscope 2016The new Moon in Leo at the start of August puts the sparkle back into all our lives as it offers a new cycle of creativity, new romance, a new opportunity to show others our show-stopping side, a new entrée to fun and pleasure or that acknowledgement we’ve been dreaming of. We can all be the stars of our own shows in some way now. We also have the passion, push and pizazz to help bring this all about as Mars now direct re-enters Sagittarius on the 3rd. Now we won’t let barriers or feelings that we can’t do get in the way of our dreams and ambitions. We may all be feeling the call to engage in something soul expanding now and what is more, we won’t let anything or anyone curtail that desire for freedom. Mars in Sag says – take action and use what you have learned to do this. If you have learned something, now is the time to show how well you have integrated this when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

The Goddesses now get in on the act as Ceres – now officially a dwarf planet presently  in Taurus where she is very much attuned to the earthly vibe of experiencing life’s sensual pleasures, opposes Juno the goddess of marriage and partnerships in Taurus’s opposite sign of Scorpio.  Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus the goddess of love while Ceres is the goddess of the harvest and earthly bounty. Juno is in the sign of transformation and is the goddess of marriage and partnerships. Partnerships need to be nurturing and not just about romance. There’s a fine line to be drawn here but when it comes to our relationships, this opposition could have us seeing our relationships as important to nurture as well as our source of love and romance.

August full moon 2016Venus herself is on the move now into another earth sign Virgo where she is attuned to the Ceres energy of this sign as it too represents our connection to the earth, but she needs to steer clear of becoming over-critical – especially of lovers and creative endeavours. Neither will flourish under this and all we end up with is scorched earth instead of what we hoped for. We should all take care to avoid becoming too critical as Venus and Mars square off on this day. If we find ourselves being critical we should ask ourselves why and just what or who we are criticising. The world tends to remember the lovers and artists, not the critics. That’s what all the goddess energy is trying to teach us.


Neptune astrologyVirgo’s ruling planet Mercury is also in residence and he opposes Neptune in his ruling sign of Pisces on the 7th. Inspiration needs to be nurtured by attention to detail which is far removed from being critical and this opposition could literally bring dreams into being if we use both energies to create without criticising or even analysing a divine idea out of existence. Also, how many times have you come up with a really great idea and then not done anything with it simply because the execution was actually very simple. You say to yourself ‘It can’t be that easy!’ – so off you go looking for a way to do it that is more complicated because if its good it must be complex, right? As a result of making things more difficult for yourself, you end up not doing anything. These two planets are telling you that spiritual truths and divine inspiration is supposed to be easy – to understand and to execute.

True personal freedom requires self-control – again, a Saturnian theme. So, think back over these past few months as to what you have been learning – and saddle up! Whether we can utilise this knowledge and turn it into a core belief or way of dealing with things always remains to be seen and don’t forget, the universe loves to set a final exam to make sure we really have learned the lesson. Watch out around the 24th when Mars and Saturn meet in Sag and we could be called upon to show just what kind of a structure we have been creating for ourselves when it comes to the need for personal freedom.

To return to my horse riding analogy – when these two planets meet it may be all too easy to forget what we’ve learned as Mars may react with ‘Let’s ride!’ while Saturn asks us ‘Do you know where you are going and by the way – do you even know how to ride?’. Saturn prepares us, Mars sends the call to action and if we integrate both we may just discover the discipline to get the results we desire.

SaturnSaturn’s ruling sign is Capricorn and mid-month Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn and structures get examined and could perhaps change not by criticism but via love. Watch for the possible results of this later in the month when Mercury meets Jupiter in Virgo on the 22nd. This could even manifest a few days earlier as the full Moon appears in Aquarius on the 18th promising a revolution of some kind. Some structures may need to give way and just because something is broken, again you need structure to build something better. When you think about the fact that Saturn is in fact Aquarius’s ancient ruling planet, then this makes sense.

Virgos have been waiting patiently in the wings as always for their birthday season and the Sun reaches their sign on the 23rd. For Virgos the vibe for you this year is going to be about ideas, communication, short term planning and anything that can be completed within a 12 month period. Your finances should be set to improve as part of this cycle while romance asks you not to take things so seriously. For more insight on this see the forecast for your sign. Virgos have a red-letter day on the 27th when Venus will meet Jupiter in their sign for the last time for 12 years and will be joined by Virgo’s ruler Mercury on the 28th.. This could see the realisation of a long held goal or the start of a wonderful opportunity not just for the birthday Virgos out there, but for all of us.

August horoscope 2016Venus moves into her ruling sign of Libra on the 30th asking us for balance and justice in all things. However, this may be easier said than done as her presence in here will trigger a Cardinal T-square in a few weeks’ time between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. It’s big, powerful, revolutionary love energy that many may find scary and react to accordingly – with a traditional knee-jerk. However, love may just win the day along with balance and justice as Venus is in her ruling sign.

Mercury returns to trickster mode at the end of the month when he turns retrograde in Virgo. As this is a retrograde in his ruling sign we should all be prepared for that extra dose of Mercury madness and mayhem. Saturn may have the last word this month which is: Keep calm and carry on the good work.

2nd – New Moon in Leo

3rd – Mars enters Sagittarius

4th – Ceres in Taurus opposition Juno in Scorpio (exact)

6th – Venus enters Virgo

6th – Venus in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius

7th – Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

13th – Saturn direct in Sagittarius

17th – Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

18th – Full Moon in Aquarius

22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo

23rd – Sun enters Virgo

24th – Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius

27th – Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo

28th – Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo

30th – Venus enters Libra

31st – Mercury retrograde in Virgo