Sun Mercury Transits

Sun Mercury Transits

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. Because of its orbit, if Mercury is not in the same sign as your natal Sun, it cannot be further away than the sign either side. Many people have their natal Mercury close to or even conjunct their natal Sun. Mercury is a fast-moving planet. When he is conjunct your Sun you will find your ideas increase as do your communications and your ability to talk and get those ideas across. This is a good time for writing, studying, attending to paperwork and also to launch any new business ventures. Words are powerful things and the power of them is yours to use now. You can get your point across and explain yourself much more engagingly than usual. This is an excellent conjunction on which to make that presentation or pitch, have that interview, apply for that job or travel under. You’ll say what you need to say now. Just ensure that in your desire to talk, you don’t stop listening. Or you could edit out ideas and input from others that could actually be to your benefit.

Sun Sextile Mercury

Communication is a two-way street under this transit. You’re able to get your ideas across to others and you’ll also receptive to what they have to say too. It’s a two-way street and great for collaboration or just reaching a better understanding with someone. When it comes to your goals, check your progress. If you need to enlist the help of others, you’ll find this easy. People seem to want to say yes when it comes to offering help. If opportunity crosses your path today, be ready to say yes. This is not the kind of transit where opportunities hang around. Grab it while you can otherwise you’ll discover opportunity has moved in a different direction. Travel, education and study are other areas where you’ll discover new ideas and opportunities. News you have been waiting for arrives – and it’s just what you were hoping to hear.

Sun Square Mercury

How are you on sub-text? You could be inundated with calls, messages, meetings, deadlines and have to become a ninja at multitasking in order to deal with it. When it comes to what’s being said however, you need to look below the surface and search for the real meaning to what is being said. This may be harder than it appears today as people may be pressuring you for a response. Try to resist this if you feel there are weak points in anything that need to be addressed or if your gut is telling you that the version of events you are being given is not where the truth really lies. Remember, Mercury is also the trickster of the zodiac and the square aspect can bring this out! Accepting something at face value if you feel uneasy, or bowing to pressure to get something done in a hurry when you know it requires more time, could result in bigger problems further down the track. People may also oppose your ideas and may even become argumentative. If faced with criticism you need to be able to differentiate between constructive and destructive. If you are faced with this, consider the critic first and what is being said next. This transit also offers the opposite – a day to push through your ideas, see them realised or achieve a goal.

Sun Trine Mercury

A day to talk to others about what really matters to you. Your ideas and what you say are going to have a positive impact. On you and on others around you. If you have an important personal message to share, now is the time. This is a fabulous transit under which to start a blog, vlog or launch a website. Or you may find yourself captured by someone else’s idea or message – even to the point of helping them communicate it. You could help someone towards their goal or they could help you towards yours. Your mind is like a sponge right now – it just wants to absorb knowledge. You’re open to new ideas and ways of looking at the world. This is a wonderful transit under which to embark on a course of study or prepare for an exam, to write, or just to sit and read. You’ll be drawn towards anything to do with expanding your skills, knowledge or manifesting your goals so don’t be surprised if you’re hitting the self-help/New Age or professional sections of the bookstore now. This is also travelling transit and is a fabulous one for both personal and business travel bringing learning or other benefits no matter what the reason is for your trip.

Sun Opposition Mercury

Today may see you dealing with a non-stop deluge of communications and interactions with others. While you may not have time to pause for breath, today is not about talking – at least not from your perspective. While you may be tempted to say a lot, listen instead. Because what others are saying is telling you exactly how you stand with them. It may be very tempting to want to have the last word, especially if you are dealing with someone difficult. However, this is one of those transits where discretion – at least in saying very little, may be the greater part of valour.  You could be evaluating projects and seeing if they have lived up to expectations. If not, adjust them or if necessary, abandon them entirely. Come up with a new strategy but don’t commit to it yet. Wait until you have a Sun/Mercury trine to put them into action. Today is one of those days where molehills get turned into mountains very easily. Before you allow your stress levels to climb – especially if it involves dealing with someone who seems set on a confrontation, don’t be afraid to get another point of view. A fresh perspective may be all you need.