Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 8 2018 

Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 8 2018 

  • Passion needs expression
  • Who has the power?
  • Are you set to sizzle in 2018?

Let’s talk about sex, baby. 2018 has only just begun but this week it’s off to a lusty start. What’s going on behind closed doors may fascinate us all. It’s about rocking our world on an individual level and rocking the establishment on a wider one.

Mars in his ancient ruling sign of Scorpio angles to Pluto Scorpio’s contemporary ruler in Capricorn while both the Sun and Venus are set to meet Pluto this week. Putting a lid on things may not work now. This is the power and the passion and its ability to rock our foundations. What people in high places have been up to, uses and abuses of power – expect more explosive global revelations as Mercury heads into Capricorn from the 11th and meets Saturn, Capricorn’s  ruling planet.

On a personal level, shifts may occur in how we see sex and romance. After all, aren’t these intertwined? Of course, they can be two different things but let’s face it, usually, we are about trying to have both in one package.  Who has the power in our sexual and romantic relationship could be up for examination if not discussion with Pluto involved. And in the sign of Capricorn we may find ourselves examining how our choice of partner(s) impact on our reputation and how we are seen. Life-changing encounters could follow for some. Who shakes yours this week? Giving our power away is a choice, the illusion is broken as you can now see how people impact your energy. Having said that we are empowered to express our authentic self and form equal partnerships.

Not interested in carnal and romantic delights? Your passion for your career trebles as you gain the confidence to put yourself out there. You are coming into your power and might surprise yourself with all that you achieve this week. One tip, avoid being dogmatic and stubborn, use Venus’s charm to persuade rather than becoming controlling. Wielding your power might work in the short term but could bring resentment later on. You got this!

In a nutshell: What or most importantly who, rocks your world? How do they enhance your life? Time for some world (and bed rocking) revelations this week.

8 Jan 2018 MARS SEXTILE PLUTO (Scorpio to Capricorn)

9 Jan 2018 SUN CONJUNCTION  VENUS (Capricorn)

9 Jan 2018 VENUS CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (Capricorn)

 9 Jan 2018 SUN CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (Capricorn)


13 Jan 2018 MERCURY CONJUNCT  SATURN (Capricorn)