Venus Saturn Transits – When love gets serious.

Venus Saturn Transits

Venus Conjunct Saturn

Time for a serious love audit today.  If you’re looking for love you may find your criteria is different now. You’re not interested in anything superficial. And while physical attraction is important you’re seeking those inner qualities – loyalty, honesty and the ability to commit. If you’re single and you feel your potential partner can’t or doesn’t offer these – you’ll move on. If you are already in a relationship, looking at what you’ve established together and testing your foundations. Talk is likely to turn to the future. If you feel your partner is somewhat distant, don’t jump to any conclusions today. You’re the one operating from a more objective standpoint.  If you begin a new relationship under this transit it could turn out to be for keeps. Also be patient and allow time to really get to know the person. This transit can bring in someone who initially comes across as serious and distant but who reveals a strong sensual side and killer sense of humour once you know one another better.

Venus Sextile Saturn

Gimme that real love under this transit. You’re not interested in the fantasy. You need the reality. And that reality had better measure up. You want to understand your partner’s needs and expectations and share your own. As a result, you can come to a wonderful understanding to build on for the future. If you’ve just started dating someone you’ll take the initiative when it comes to asking what they are looking for or want from a connection. You’re not interested in time wasters. This transit favours any creative work that requires concentration or attention to detail. It’s the right mix of muse and practical application. In business, you can come up with creative ideas but these have a strong strategy combined with a practical approach. You’ll be able to impress people in positions of power or influence with this ability. Older people or just people with a wealth of worldly experience can feature. If romance finds you under this transit, there’s likely to be a big age difference between you one way or another – at least seven years or possibly more. Older or younger, all that matters to you is: Is it real?

Venus Square Saturn

If you know the card of The Hermit in the Tarot you’ll find echoes of it in this transit. Even if you are in a relationship, you could end up feeling very alone.  You may feel your partner is withdrawn or simply doesn’t understand or support you. If you are without a partner, you may feel the lack of this in your life more deeply than at any other time. Time to examine whether you are expecting too much from yourself – or the other person. It’s very easy to get lost in thoughts of doom and gloom under this transit. To imagine the worst when in fact. It is all in your imagination. The card of The Hermit doesn’t just show someone alone, it shows someone with a light symbolising inner reflection. The Hermit has chosen to be alone at this time to search for the truth within.  So don’t give in to depression or fear. Instead spend some time exploring why you feel the way you do. A little alone time can build a better understanding of our emotional triggers, which in turn leads to a better relationship to others.

Venus Trine Saturn

If you begin a love affair under this transit, it is likely to be a slow-burn as opposed to something that ignites quickly and then fizzles out just as fast. There’s a feeling of stability to the connection and neither of you are in a mood to rush it. Both of you will be happy to take your time, to really get to know the other person and this could be accompanied by a feeling of knowing fate or destiny is at work. This transit favours old-fashioned, slow courtship, doing the right things – in other words, not standing you up or letting you down, and timeless traditions. It’s about quality too. Both of you will feel the other is a ‘catch’. Dates won’t be at this week’s trendy restaurant but the one that has built  a long time reputation. Wining and dining and ‘traditional’ gifts such as flowers and jewellery when it gets more serious, are hallmarks of a lover who comes in under this transit. Career and business dealings are also favoured now. Promotions, a better job or professional recognition could be on its way. Craft your professional image and ensure you create a good impression as you will come to the attention of people in positions of authority. Expect your status to be enhanced – either personally or professionally now.

Venus Opposition Saturn

Who enjoys the feeling of being pulled in two directions? The answer is no one of course! And this transit can have you stuck between a rock and a hard place. The conflict on this transit usually arises between what you have to do and what you want to do. Your soul may be calling out for creative self-expression and play. But there’s all this work and responsibility getting in the way of that! If you opt for the work you’ll do it grudgingly and what’s more it will seem just that. Hard work. If you ignore what needs to be done, you’ll end up feeling guilty and also playing catch-up afterwards. What’s more, you’ll feel everyone is enjoying themselves more than you as you’ll feel strangely separate from what is going on. This transit may seem like there’s no way to win. And what’s more, you’ll feel like you’re struggling through this alone. The best way to handle this transit is to focus on what needs to be done no matter how difficult this may be. Spend some time alone and explore your inner feelings as you can achieve wonderful insights into the workings of your mind. Above all, remember today is being coloured by your perceptions and like all Venus transits, this one will only last a day.